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 Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire Stone has great importance in Vedic astrology. It is worn to get the grace of Jupiter. Jupiter is a beneficial and auspicious planet. Brihaspati is also called Dev Guru. In the horoscope, Brihaspati i.e. Dev Guru is the source of balancing the deeds, religion, philosophy, knowledge and child happiness of the past life. When Jupiter is strong, the person has influence in family, society and every field and to get the grace of this Jupiter or Guru Planet, Yellow Sapphire is worn.

Yellow Sapphire represents knowledge and intelligence. It has a lot of importance because it brings prosperity and happiness in life. That is why there is a lot of demand for it. By the way, different stones are available in the world and they all have their own special feature. Yellow Sapphire brings prosperity in the life of the native. It is a stone that enhances the creativity style within the native and provides many opportunities for success in life. With this effect, a person gains intelligence and knowledge, which helps him to achieve his goals and the person becomes strong. People who wear Yellow Sapphire get all the comforts of life. It may even backfire for some people due to its rapid results.

Reason for Wearing Yellow Sapphire Stone

Wearing a Yellow Sapphire increases knowledge, strength, happiness, wealth, etc. The sufferings caused by the Guru come to an end. Those who have problems in marriage can wear Yellow Sapphire but only according to the advice of astrologers. Conversely, if Yellow Sapphire is bad or inauspicious for the native, then the person suffers from knee pain, stomach disease, too.

How to Identify Genuine Yellow Sapphire Stone

You can get real Yellow Sapphire by trying these tips:

1. See it with the naked eye in the light of day and make sure that there is no crack or inaccuracy in the gem.

2. An authentic gemstone can be marked by its color which is a perfect combination of desired color, tone and saturation. You need to know how the authentic gemstone appears under sunlight. Keep in mind its brightness. If it is shiny to the naked eye, the gemstone is fake.

3. Touch the gemstone, if it is hard to touch, it means that it is not real. The real identity of the gemstone is that it looks smooth on touch.

4. If the stone is resilient, that is, if its shape can be changed, it will probably be more than a gemstone.

5. There are also many artificial gemstones that look exactly like Yellow Sapphire but they do not have those qualities. The formation of fingerprints on the gemstone is a testimony that your gemstone is not real.

6. Make sure your gemstone is transparent or not. To check its transparency, put lights on it and see if the lights are crossing.

7. Damage test can be seen to identify the gemstone. But if you do not want any change in the size of the gemstone then you can also skip this test.

How many Rattis (Carats) of the Yellow Sapphire should be worn?

Yellow Sapphire represents the planet Jupiter, hence through its influence one gets the benefits of Jupiter’s causal elements like intelligence, child happiness, wealth, and prosperity. Dev Guru (Jupiter) is the largest planet in the solar system. Health benefits are attained by the influence of Yellow Sapphire, happiness, prosperity and happiness comes in the family and the luck of the wearer shines.

The Yellow Sapphire should not weigh less than 3.25 carats. Its effect increases according to its weight. Before buying Yellow Sapphire we recommend you get suggestions from an experienced astrologer

Benefits from Yellow Sapphire gems

For some people, Yellow Sapphire Stone brings auspicious effects from all around, let’s know, what are the benefits of this gem-

Putting Yellow Sapphire at home or a place to keep money brings more prosperity. It helps in giving peace to the mind, due to which the person is able to do his work with a concentrated mind and his decision-making ability is also better.

1. The influence of Yellow Sapphire reduces mental stress and increases positive effects. It helps to lift an emotionally broken person.

2. It has a great influence on the development of mind, body and health. It makes the person capable of achieving the goals and it is only by this effect that the person tries more to achieve it.

3. This stone gives blessings of unmarried natives (especially to girls) for marriage, marriage, marriage and child happiness for couples.

4. According to mythological beliefs, Yellow Sapphire is an associate of Lord Ganesha and Shri Ganesh is the harbinger of good fortune, in such a way, wearing Yellow Sapphire brings wealth and splendor.

Demerits of Wearing Yellow Sapphire Stone

Though Yellow Sapphire is said to have very auspicious effects, but it also has negative effects on some people. Let’s look at the losses due to this-

1. Yellow Sapphire can sometimes be harmful for the life of people whose Jupiter ie Guru is powerless. Its side effects can cause differences with spouses and also affect social life.

2. There is a possibility of theft due to the wearing of a broken Yellow Sapphire, while the milk stone can be harmful for health. If Yellow Sapphire color is no longer glowing and that effect is reduced, it can also cause health problems.

3. If a person wearing a gemstone has white spots on the Yellow Sapphire, it can be fatal for his life.

4. There is a possibility of injury etc. due to side effects of Yellow Sapphire Stone with weak power.

5. Yellow Sapphire should never change its color. If this happens, it may cause difficulties for the wearer.

Astrological Analysis – Effect of Yellow Sapphire Stone on various zodiac signs.

Due to its auspicious effect, Yellow Sapphire has more demand than all other gems in the market. They are available in light yellow to dark orange-yellow colors. This planet is worn to get beneficial fruits from Jupiter. Yellow Sapphire is also known as Yellow Sapphire in English. According to Vedic astrology, it means “important”.

Jupiter plays an important role in a person’s life. If Jupiter is located in your horoscope in auspicious house, it will give you beneficial fruit. But if it is located in an inauspicious house, the result can also be reversed. Those who have difficulties in their horoscope, they are advised to wear Yellow Sapphire to get benefits. Let’s know the different effects of Yellow Sapphire on different zodiac signs:


The Lord of Aries is Mars, who has a sense of friendship with Jupiter. In such a situation, Yellow Sapphire is very beneficial for Aries people. The person gets fame due to its effect.


Venus, the lord of the Taurus zodiac, and the master have a sense of enmity between each other, so Yellow Sapphire Stone is not good for the people of this zodiac.


You are advised to wear Yellow Sapphire in the major and sub major periods of Jupiter. You will get a lot of benefit from this.


Guru has a sense of sweetness with the Moon which is the lord of Cancer. The natives of this zodiac must wear Yellow Sapphire, coral or pearl. By doing this, you will get very good results.


The lord of Leo zodiac sign has a good relationship between the Sun and the planet Gurus, so in such a situation, Yellow Sapphire is the right stone for the Leo sign.


Mercury, the lord of the Virgo zodiac, has an equal sentiment with the guru, while the master has a sense of enmity with Mercury. Those who are facing any problem in studies and those who are facing loss of property, should wear Yellow Sapphire.


Natives of Libra zodiac are advised not to wear Yellow Sapphire as Jupiter is the lord of third and sixth house in Libra.


Wearing Yellow Sapphire is very good for the people of Scorpio zodiac because Guru is situated in the second and fifth house of Scorpio zodiac. By the way, it would be better to wear coral with Yellow Sapphire.


In this zodiac, Guru is the lord of the first and fourth houses. If the people of this zodiac wear a Yellow Sapphire, then they will look more attractive and beautiful.


The people of this zodiac should not wear Yellow Sapphire because the guru is inflexible for this lagan. Along with this, Saturn and Guru, the lord of Capricorn, have equal feelings among themselves.


Like Capricorn, Saturn is also the lord of Aquarius. In such a situation, you are also advised not to wear Yellow Sapphire.


The people of Pisces will get some good after wearing Yellow Sapphire. In this zodiac, Guru is the lord of the first and tenth house.

Method of wearing Yellow Sapphire Stone

If the influence of Jupiter house is right in your horoscope and you are advised by some knowledgeable astrologer to wear Yellow Sapphire, then you can wear Yellow Sapphire.

For this, you will have to wear 5 to 7 carat Yellow Sapphire in a gold ring. To wear the ring, on Thursday of any Shukla Paksha, in the Pushya Nakshatra, make the life of the ring dignified after the sun rises. For this, first put the ring in milk, then Ganges water, then honey and then sugar solution. After that, burn five incense sticks in the name of Brihaspati Dev.

Now pray to Jupiter Dev that Brihaspati Dev, I am holding this stone to get your blessings, please give me your blessings. Now, take out the ring from the solution and rotate it over the incense sticks 108 times and chant ॐ ब्रह्म ब्र्हस्पतिये नमः . After that, touch the ring at the feet of Lord Vishnu and put it on the index finger. Keep in mind, Yellow Sapphire should not have any defect otherwise its effects may decrease. To get good effects of the planet Jupiter, one should wear top class and Ceylon Yellow Sapphire only.

try to get 100% original gemstone, then only it will shows an optimistic and desired results to you.

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