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The positive aspect of astrology

The positive aspect of astrology

Astrology or blind faith :

Astrology is the science of Advaita. This science needs to be developed in the right and positive direction. Does Osho say that astrology is not only a matter of what the planets and constellations say? What do their calculations say? This is just a dimension of astrology, it is a dimension. Then there are other dimensions of knowing the future. There are lines drawn on the hand of man, there are lines drawn on the forehead of man, there are lines drawn on the feet of man, but these are also very high. There are hidden chakras in the human body. Each of those chakras has a different sensation. All those chakras have different speeds per moment. is the frequency. They have an investigation. The whole culture of the past, hidden with man, is the seed.

Jyoti means light and astrology means the study of light objects. The meaning of astrology is the scripture that tells the activities of the bodies of light. So far 10 to 12 planets have been discovered in our solar system. Including all the planets, 64 moons have been discovered and innumerable meteors are traveling on the solar path. This solar system is the equivalent of a needle kept in our room in our galaxy. There are many other galaxies just like our galaxy. The light of not only the Sun but also the light of innumerable stars and planets are coming to the earth.

Human life effect of planets :

The Sun has the most influence on our earth, followed by the Moon. In the same way, Mars, Guru, Buddha, and Shani also have an effect respectively. The effect of planets affects the whole earth, not on anyone human being. Changes are seen in that particular area of ​​the earth, in whichever planet is affected by that particular area.

The effect of the North and South poles of the Earth remains on the entire Earth and the Earth pulls all the objects towards it to a certain extent. The arrival of tides in the sea is also the effect of the attraction power of the Sun and Moon. Amavasya and Purnima also have an effect on our earth. When we talk of ‘having an impact, it means that one inert object, whether it be the moon, has an effect on another inert object, whether it is the water of the sea or the water of our stomach. But we can control our minds and thoughts. By keeping the mind under control, the future is also controlled.

Just as the tides arise in the ocean of the earth due to the moon, surely that moon also affects the water located in our bodies. Due to the influence of water, the mind of a person is affected. Similarly, each planet or constellation has an effect on the earth, but its effect varies according to the nature of the different regions. In the same way, the effect of those planets and constellations on each person is different. For example, if there is a storm somewhere, some people fall ill due to that storm, some trees get uprooted and the roofs of some houses fly away. But a person who is strong will not get sick, a tree that is flexible will never uproot and a house that has a strong roof will not fly. Therefore, just as the effect of the storm varies on each person, in the same way, the effect of the planets and constellations is also considered.

Another example is that just as mango, neem, acacia sown in the same land choose their qualities according to their nature and gold towards gold mine, silver towards silver, and iron towards iron mine. In the same way, the living beings of the earth, living in the bottomless ocean of universal consciousness, are affected by the effects of good and bad according to their nature.

No planet is neither bad nor good. Planets have an effect on the earth, but some people digest that effect and some do not. Everything in nature has an effect on all other inert things. According to astrology, the study analysis of the effects of planets on the earth’s atmosphere and creatures is also done.

A planet, a planet, or a deity?

The luminous space body is called a constellation. Our Sun is also a constellation. These Nakshatras are not conscious beings, which are happy or angry with a particular person. How a deity of each planet was appointed over a period of time is a matter of research. Some people say that when there was no concrete way to tell the movement, Dasha, and direction of the planets in front of our sages, then they put this entire incident in one story. Now it is necessary to take the story of a deity out of the story of a planet and see the story of a planet out of the story of a deity. To preserve this complete data of the constellations, the sages appointed a deity of each planet and made almanacs, calendars, etc. on that basis and also created a story to tell the movement of the planets.

Certainly, both the deity and the planet are different. The planet represents the deity or the deity whose character is similar to that of the planet or to say that to show the nature of the planets according to its nature, the names of the planets were kept on the said deities, which are of that nature, then it would be appropriate. Rahu and Ketu were demons who stealthily tasted the nectar at the time of churning the nectar. The shadows of all the planets are considered to be the shadows of Rahu and Ketu. This shadow also has an effect on the earth. Some astrologers say that it symbolizes the South and the North Pole. According to astrology, Ketu and Rahu are related to the path of the Moon and the Sun moving in the celestial periphery.

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