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Gomed is a Stone of Rahu. If there is the influence of planet Rahu in the horoscope of the native, then it is advisable to wear this Stone.

Gomed is worn to protect Rahu from wrath. It is advisable to wear Gomed gemstone only when special yoga related to Rahu is formed in the horoscope. If Rahu is in the lower zodiac sign in a person’s horoscope, then he must wear Gomed.

Rahu is the lord of Capricorn, so the native of Capricorn can also wear auspicious and get its auspicious results. Rahu is called the Marrakesh of politics. Therefore, those who want to become active in politics must wear Gomed. Apart from this, people engaged in smuggling, theft, etc. should also wear Gomed. People associated with advocacy, justice, and governance can wear this gem.

But remember, it is very important to get astrological advice before wearing any gemstone. Because if Rahu’s position in the horoscope is not favorable, then his inauspiciousness also affects the life of the native. So get the horoscope checked first and then wear Gomed.

How to identify Gomed?

Before wearing any gemstone, one should know whether the gemstone is real or fake. Because while wearing real gems on one side provides benefits, wearing fake or wrong gems on the other side causes problems in life. To know whether the Gomed is real or fake, put the Gomed in the cow urine for 24 hours.

The color of the cow urine changes when there is a real gem, while the color will not change when there is a fake gem. Apart from this, before wearing Gomed, see that it is in the right position, wearing Gomed, blot, splintered and red-faced Gomed is said to be harmful.

Method of wearing Gomed gemstones

If the influence of Rahu in your horoscope is favorable and you are advised to wear Gomed is a knowledgeable astrologer, then you can wear Gomed.

For this, you need to wear at least 8 Rattis in a Gomed silver ring. To wear the ring, take the life of the ring on Saturday or Wednesday evening. For this, first put the ring in milk, then Ganges water, then honey, and then sugar solution. After that, burn five incense sticks in the name of Rahu.

Pray to Rahu now! Rahu, I am wearing this gem to get your blessings, please grant me your blessings. Now, remove the ring from the solution and rotate it on top of the incense sticks 108 times and chant ‘Om Ra Rahway Nam’. After that, put the ring on the middle finger. Keep in mind, there should be no defect in Gomed, otherwise, its effects may decrease.

Mantra for Wearing Ring

“ॐ कया नश्चित्र आ भुवदूती सदावृध: सखा। कया शचिष्ठया वृता।।”

Benefits of Gomed Stone

Gomed is a very powerful gem and is beneficial in many cases. These include physical, emotional, and psychological matters. The major benefits of Gomed are as follows:

1. Gomed gemstone is of special benefit for those who are suffering from Kaal Sarp Dosha. If it is suitable for a person, then Kaal Sarp protects against bad effects from Dosha.

2. Gomed is beneficial for those who work in politics, public relations, businesses related to brokerage and management. Because with the effect of Gomed, one gets strength, success, and wealth.

3. If a person wears Gomed gemstones during the Mahadasha and inwardness of Rahu in the horoscope, then Rahu is protected from the evil effects of the planet.

4. For those people who are suffering from stomach disorders, sluggish metabolism, wearing Gomed is beneficial. Because it also signifies health and strength.

5. The effect of Gomed leads to victory over the opponents and the pessimistic thoughts that come to mind are also overcome.

6. Wearing Gomed gemstones removes confusion, brings ideological transparency, and brings happiness in the period of Rahu.

7. Wearing Gomed removes the feeling of fear and gives self-confidence, motivation, and strength to do any work.

Disadvantages of Gomed gemstones

Gomed or hessonite stone is a gemstone related to Rahu. Since Rahu is a cruel planet, if this gem is not worn without any astrological advice and methodical method, it can also give inauspicious results. Some of the bad effects are as follows:

1. It is believed that if women wear less shiny Gomed then its bad effects come out.

2. It is also believed that wearing less shiny Gomed has a bad effect on a person’s reputation and personality.

3. If a person wears Gomed gemstone with multicolor, then he may face health and financial troubles.

4. The Gomed gemstone which has dark spots on it indicates the possibility of misfortune or accident.

When should one wear Gomed?

According to Vedic astrology, every person should wear Gomed at an appropriate time. Hessonite or Gomed gemstone should be worn on Saturday on Swati, Ardra, or Shatabhisha Nakshatra. Additionally, you can wear Gomed on Saturn’s Hora on any Saturday of the Shukla Paksha. Gomed should only be worn in a silver ring or locket. In some cases, after astrological consultation, Gomed gemstone can also be worn in a ring prepared with a mixture of punch metal.

Astrological analysis of Gomed Stone

Gomed gemstone is worn mainly in matters related to the planet Rahu. Those who aspire to success, wealth growth, and to be lucky, must wear Gomed after astrological counseling.


When Rahu is in any position and is in your horoscope in the second, third, tenth or eleventh house, then Gomed can be worn in this situation.


Those people of this zodiac sign where Rahu is placed in Rahu III, Shashtham, Navam, Dasam, or Ekadashi Bhava can wear Gomed gemstones.


People of this zodiac sign, who are in Rahu I, Shashtham, Navam, or Ekadashi Bhava in their horoscope, can all wear Gomed gemstones as a trial for 3 days.


Those who are located in Rahu III, Dasam, or Ekadash Bhava in their horoscope, can all wear Gomed as a trial for 3 days. Remember that Gomed gemstone is worn only during the time of Rahu’s condition and not for life.


All the people of this zodiac sign, who are located in Rahu III, Shashtham, Dasam, or Ekadash Bhava in their horoscope, can wear Gomed for a 3-day trial period. Keep in mind that Gomed gemstone is worn only for the period of Rahu, not for life.


All those people of this zodiac sign, who are in Rahu maiden, fifth, shashtam, or tenth house in their horoscope, can wear Gomed gemstones.


Those in whose horoscope Rahu is sitting in the first, sixth, or tenth place, should wear the Gomed gemstone for 3 days as a trial period.


If Rahu is placed in the horoscope of the zodiac of this zodiac sign, then they should wear Gomed. However, Gomed should not be worn for a lifetime but only for the duration of Rahu’s condition.


Those who are in Rahu III, Shashtham, VII, Dasam, or Ekadash Bhava in their horoscope must wear Gomed gemstones.


Those who are in this horoscope related to Rahu in the horoscope Rahu I, Shastham, VII, Navam or Ekadash Bhava can all wear Gomed gemstones.


People of this zodiac sign, whose horoscope is situated in Rahu IV, Pancham, Navam, or Ekadashi Bhava, all those people can wear Gomed gemstones. Apart from this, if those people in their horoscope are sitting in Rahu in the house of Dwasha, then all those people can also wear Gomed as a test for 3 days.


Those people of this zodiac sign, who are in Rahu III, VII, or XI in the horoscope, should wear it for 3 days as a Gomed gemstone test.

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