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Know, which day is considered auspicious to apply which tilak.

Know, which day is considered auspicious to apply which tilak

Know which day is considered auspicious to apply which tilak

According to Hindu religious texts, every date has its own special significance, which surrounds the person with its influence.

Monday – Monday is the day of Lord Shankar and the ruling planet of this war is Moon. Moon is considered the causative planet of the mind. It is considered auspicious to apply white sandalwood tilak to keep the mind cool and calm by keeping the mind under control. Devo-vibhuti or Bhasma can also be applied on this day.

Tuesday – Tuesday is considered as the day of Hanuman ji. The ruling planet of this day is Mars. On this day, applying a tilak of vermilion mixed with red sandalwood or jasmine oil leads to an increase in energy and efficiency.

Wednesday – Wednesday is considered to be the day of Lord Ganesha. The planetary lord of this day is the planet Mercury. On this day tilak of dry vermilion (in which no oil is mixed) should be applied. With this tilak, intellectual abilities are sharpened and the day remains auspicious.

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Thursday – Thursday is also called Thursday. Brihaspati Rishi is the guru of the gods. Yellow or white mixed with yellow color is dear to Guru. With the help of this, pure and positive thoughts and feelings will arise in the mind, due to which the day will also be auspicious.

Friday – Friday is the day of Maa Lakshmi. The planetary lord of this day is Venus. While applying red sandalwood or vermilion on this day keeps the stress away, it also increases material comforts.

Saturday – Saturday is considered to be the day of Bhairav, Shani, and Yamraj. Vibhut, Bhasma, or red sandalwood should be applied on Saturday, due to which Bhairav Maharaj is pleased and does not allow any kind of damage.

Sunday – Sunday is the day of Lord Vishnu and Surya. On this day, red sandalwood or green sandalwood should be applied, due to which Lord Suryadev is pleased and bestows happiness, prosperity, and brightness.

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