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Goddess Sati was born from the fruits of her father Daksha’s penance

Goddess Sati was born from the fruits of her father Daksha’s penance

Goddess Sati was born from the fruits of her father Daksha’s penance, read an interesting story

It is always mention in the stories of the Puranas, that the Goddess sati has incarnated to destroy the Asuras. According to religious stories, whenever the gods failed to overcome the evil of an asura, the goddess appeared to rescue them. The story of the birth of Mother Parvati or Sati is different from all these stories. In this story, there is a saga of the tender affection of father and daughter and that indescribable love, which only a father and daughter can experience.

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Come, today we too become witnesses of this divine, tender and perhaps most sacred love story.

Parvat Raj Daksha was the father of many daughters. He used to pamper each of his daughters. Even after being the father of so many daughters, there was an incompleteness in his mind. He felt that till now the cry of that girl who was unique in the world has not resonated in his courtyard. With the determination to fulfill this wish, Maharaj Daksha got immerse in the worship of Mata Aadya. He pleased Adishakti by doing severe penance in the forest for a long time.

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Pleased with his tenacity, Mother Aadya appeared and asked Maharaj to ask for a boon. Maharaj Daksha said – O mother! I wish to be the father of such a unique girl, who is unique in this universe. My daughter has the ability to change the current of this world. May my daughter be such that her every action affects the universe. My daughter should be so wonderful that even the gods also bow before her and bow down to get help from her. May this daughter of mine be able to give shelter to the universe and remove its sorrows. May the source of all the powers of the world be contain in my daughter. ‘O Rajan! I myself will be born in your house as your daughter.

Hearing Daksha’s words, Mother Aadya

O king! I myself will take birth in your house as a daughter. In that incarnation I will be know as Sati. After this, Adi Shakti himself took birth in the house of Maharaj Daksha in the form of goddess Sati. Being the daughter of Parvatraj, she was also know as Parvati. Every leela of Sati was wonderful. He did many such works in his childhood, which can be called unprecedent. It is natural that this girl was able to satisfy all the ambitions of father Daksha. This Sati became the wife of Maha Shiva when she was young and, being the Adi Shakti, she gave shelter to the whole world through her various pastimes.

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