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To get a desired groom, worship Maa Kathyayini in this way.

worship Maa Kathyayini in this way

Worshiping Maa Kathyayini will give you the Desired groom

The glory of Navratri is everywhere. Whether it is home or temple, different forms of Maa Durga are being worshiped everywhere. On the sixth day of Navratri, there is a law to worship Goddess Kathyayini, the sixth form of Goddess. The goddess was born on this date and Maharishi worshiped her. There is a very wonderful story of the appearance of this form of mother. According to the legend, world famous Maharishi Kathyayini had done austerity for many years while worshiping Bhagwati Poremba. His wish was that Mother Bhagwati should be born in his house as a daughter. Mother Bhagwati accepted his prayer. Due to being born in the house of sage Kathyayini, she was named Kathyayini.

Maa Kathyayini’s form

In the worldly form, Mother Kathyayini is riding on a lion. Divya Roopa Kathyayini Devi’s form is as bright as gold. The form of the Mother Goddess with a well-equipped aura is enchanting. He has lotus and sword in his left hand and swastika and blessing gesture in his right hand. She is the presiding deity of Brajmandal, who was worshiped by the Gopi’s for the attainment of Krishna. Mother Kathyayini is the one who killed Mahishasura. The most wonderful thing about this form of Goddess is that she carried forward her father’s lineage name. Whereas mostly this right is available only to the sons. By the grace of Mother Kathyayini, the obstacles coming in marriage are also removed very easily. Her worship is infallible for marriage related matters, a suitable and desired husband is obtained by her grace.

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According to the Bhagwat Purana, the worship of this form of the goddess is very fruitful for householders and people who want to marry. Mother Katyayani is indescribable fruitful. She is said to be the destroyer of demons, demons and sinful creatures. According to the belief, on the sixth day of Navratri, the mind of the seeker remains situated in the ‘Agya Chakra’. Agya chakra has an important place in yoga practice. Ajna Chakra is the most powerful of the 7 chakras present in the human body. Having a mind situated in this chakra, the seeker submits his whole self to the feet of Mother Katyayani. Such devotees, who give complete self-donation, easily get the darshan of the mother. By making careful efforts on this day, the seeker gets the darshan of Mother Katyayani with ease. The devotee who worships this form of Mother, has a different radiance on his face, he experiences supernatural happiness even while living in this world.

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