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All Hanuman devotees can keep fast on Tuesday and Saturday for Hanuman Ji. According to astrology, Tuesday’s fast should be done by those whose planet Mars is weak in their horoscope and due to which it is not giving auspicious results.


Benefits of Tuesday fasting:

With this fast, the Mars house of the horoscope gives auspicious results. By fasting on Tuesday one gets immense blessings of Hanuman Ji. This fast increases respect, strength, courage, and effort. This fast is also very beneficial for getting children. As a result of this fast one gets freedom from sins. For those who observe this fast, there is no ill-effect of ghosts and black powers.


Method of fasting:

This fast should be done for at least 21 consecutive Tuesdays. Take bath before sunrise on the day of fast. After that, sit in solitude in the northeast of the house and install an idol or picture of Hanumanji. Wear red clothes on this day and take water in hand and take a vow of fast. Light a lamp of ghee in front of the idol or picture of Hanuman Ji and offer flower garlands or flowers to the Lord.

Then take jasmine oil in cotton and put it in front of Bajrangbali or sprinkle oil on the idol. After this read the Tuesday fast story. Also, recite Hanuman Chalisa and Sundar Kand, then do aarti and distribute the fasting offerings to everyone, take it yourself. Take only one lunch in a day. Keep your ethics pure. In the evening, perform aarti by lighting a lamp in front of the statue of Hanuman Ji.


Tuesday is considered to be the day of Pawanputra Hanuman Ji. Devotees keep fast on this day. According to the beliefs, keeping the fast on Tuesday changes the effect of weak planet Mars in the horoscope and auspicious benefits are obtained. This fast is also very beneficial to remove Shani’s Mahadasha and Sade Sati.


Benefits of observing Tuesday’s fast:

Tuesday’s fast is supposed to increase respect, strength, courage, and effort. Many people also keep fast on this day to get children or to overcome the problems related to children. It is believed that by observing Tuesday’s fast one gets freedom from fathers and enemies are destroyed. When to start fasting? Tuesday’s fast starts. It is considered auspicious to do it from the first Tuesday of Shukla Paksha of any month. Keeping a fast on Tuesdays 21 or 45 is considered very fruitful. How to worship during the fast? Wake up before sunrise and take bath and wear red clothes. Try that the red dress you are wearing is not stitched. You can worship anywhere in the temple or at home. If you worship in the house, then clean the northeast corner and place a post, and spread the red cloth on it. Then install the idol of Hanuman Ji on it. Along with this, the idols of Lord Shri Ram and Mother Sita must also be installed. After this, take water in your hand and take a resolution for the number of Tuesdays you want to fast. Pray to Hanuman Ji to free us from sufferings and fulfill all our wishes. After this, after lighting a ghee lamp or incense lamp, first, perform the aarti of Lord Shri Ram and Mother Sita, then worship Hanuman Ji. Offer him red flowers, red clothes, red vermilion, and jasmine oil.


After this, do aarti by reciting Hanuman Chalisa and Sunderkand. Offer jaggery, bananas, and laddus to the Lord and distribute the prasad among all the family members. In this fast, only one meal is to be taken before evening. Food should be sweet only, it should not contain salt. You can eat milk, bananas, and sweet fruit foods during the day. Women can also keep Hanuman Ji’s fast. But according to Hindu scriptures, women can also keep the fast of Hanuman Ji. In no scripture, scripture, or Purana has been written about women not worshiping Hanuman Ji. But during fasting and worship, take special care of some things. Women should not offer red clothes or vermilion to Hanuman Ji because Hanuman Ji was a brahmachari. Also, he should worship Hanuman Ji only in his pure days. Keep this in mind during the fast, if you keep the fast of Hanuman Ji, then stop consuming meat and liquor forever in your lifetime. Keep your ethics clean. Donate according to your capacity on the day of the fast. If monkeys are seen around the house or anywhere, feed them bananas.

Tuesday Vrat Kathaye is the story of a childless Brahmin couple who were very sad. The Brahmin went to the forest to worship. He wished for a son from Hanuman Ji. At home, his wife also used to fast on Tuesdays for the attainment of a son. On Tuesday, at the end of the fast, she used to offer food to Hanuman Ji. Once on the day of the fast, the Brahmin could neither prepare food nor offer food. Then she vowed that on the next Tuesday itself, she would take food after offering bhog. After six days of hunger and thirst, she fainted till Tuesday. Hanuman Ji was pleased to see his devotion and dedication. He appeared to him and said that they were pleased with him, and would give him a child, who would serve him. Hanuman Ji gave the son Ratna to that woman and became intrigued. The brahmin became very pleased with this and named that child Mangal. After some time when the Brahmin came home, seeing the child, he asked who he was. The wife told the whole story to her master. Knowing his wife’s words to be deceitful, the Brahmin thought that his wife was an adulteress. One day, seeing the opportunity, the Brahmin dropped the child into the well. At home, the Brahmin got nervous about asking the wife. Mangal came smiling from behind. The Brahmin was astonished. At night Hanuman Ji told him all the stories in his dream, so the Brahmin was very happy. Then the couple started living a life of bliss by observing a fast on Tuesday.

Tuesday Vrat Udyapan:
After fasting on 21st Tuesday, on 22nd Tuesday, worship Hanuman Ji by law and offer Chola to him.

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