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Shri Mahalakshmi Vrat starts from the day of Shukla Ashtami of Bhadrapada. It lasts for sixteen days and in this fast, Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped according to the law. According to the scriptures, this fast has a special significance. According to religious beliefs, keeping Mahalakshmi Vrat fulfills all wishes by the grace of Maa Lakshmi. Mahalakshmi Vrat removes all the problems of life.

Food is not taken during this fast. Mahalakshmi Vrat is celebrated on the 16th day. This fast is considered very auspicious. It is said that worshiping with law and order brings happiness, prosperity, and wealth. It is believed that family peace always remains in the house where women observe this fast.


Mahalaxmi fasting date and auspicious time

  • Mahalaxmi Vrat starts on Monday, September 13, 2021
  • Mahalaxmi Vrat end on Tuesday, September 28, 2021
  • Ashtami Tithi starts – September 13, 2021 at 03:10 PM
  • Ashtami Tithi ends – September 14, 2021 at 01:09 PM

Choghadiya Muhurta of Mahalaxmi Vrat

  • Choghadiya Muhurta of the day – 6:05 am
  • Night Choghadiya Muhurta – 6:29 PM
  • Amrit Kaal – 06:05 AM to 07:38 AM

Know Mahalaxmi fasting story-

A poor Brahmin lived in a village. He used to worship Lord Vishnu every day with rituals. One day Lord Vishnu, pleased by his devotion, appeared to him and asked the Brahmin to ask for a boon. Then the Brahmin expressed his desire to be the abode of Mother Lakshmi in his house. Then Lord Vishnu told the Brahmin the way to attain Lakshmi. Lord Vishnu said that a woman comes in front of the temple and she comes here and pats it. You invite her to come to your home, she is Maa Lakshmi.

Lord Vishnu said to the Brahmin, when Mother Lakshmi herself will come to your house, then the house will be filled with money and grains. Saying this Lord Vishnu disappeared. The next day the brahmin sat near the temple early in the morning. When Laxmi Maa came to eat the food, the Brahmin requested her to come home. After listening to the Brahmin, Mata Lakshmi understood that this happened only at the behest of Vishnu.

Lakshmi Ji told the brahmin that I will go with you but you have to observe Mahalakshmi fast first. By fasting for 16 days and offering Arghya to Moon on the 16th day, your wish will be fulfilled. The brahmin performed the vow as instructed by Maa Lakshmi and called Maa Lakshmi facing north. After this Maa Lakshmi fulfilled her promise. It is believed that since then the tradition of Mahalakshmi Vrat started.

Mahalaxmi Vrat and Worship Method

On the day of Ashtami, after retiring from the bath, etc. in the morning, do Mahalakshmi fasting ritually. On the first day, open the 16 knots of Rakshasutra tied in the hand and immerse it in the river or lake. Establish the idol of Mahalakshmi in the Puja Muhurta and worship her by offering Akshat, Durva, red cotton, betel nut, coconut, fruits, sweets, sandalwood, leaf, garland, white lotus, or any lotus flower and Kamalgatta. Then offer white barfi or raisins to Lakshmi Ji. Listen to the story of Mahalaxmi Vrat. After chanting the mantra, perform the aarti of Mahalakshmi. Then express your wish. Then distribute the prasad among the family members. In the end, complete the fast by immersing the idol of Mata Mahalakshmi methodically.

Mahalakshmi Mantra

Shri Laxmi Beej Mantra: “Om Shrinhrim Shrim Kamale Kamallaye Prasid Prasid Shrim Shrim Om Mahalakshmi Namah.”

Shri Lakshmi Mahamantra: “Om Shri Lakshmi Mahalakshmi Mahalakshmi Ehiyehi Sarva Saubhagyam in the body.”

You can chant any one of these two mantras of Mahalakshmi at the time of worship.

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