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Rashifal decides by Astrologers on daily Prediction

How do Astrologers decide daily Rashifal?

How do Astrologers decide daily Rashifal?

Rashifal is transit-base, it is base on the present planet’s location of your zodiac. In Indian astrology, the present planetary position is call a transit. The horoscope, which is form by considering your zodiac as ascendant and keeping the planets of transit in it is the main basis of horoscope predictions. Apart from this, the elements of Panchang such as Vaar, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karan are also seems. The position and Dasha of the planets in the horoscope are not use in the writing of predictions.

In a few days, 2021 will say goodbye and the new year of 2022 will come. 2021 are mix for everyone. But everyone has high hopes for the New Year, Less than 15 days remain for the New Year 2022. This New Year will be even more exciting with some zodiac signs. Let us tell you that according to astronomy, about 6 stars has told, that the New Year will be a spectacle for them. That, the coming year of these zodiac signs will not only be great but will work to change their luck in the New Year. Let us know what signs of the zodiac will light up in 2022, know the Rashifal 2022.

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The New Year 2022 will be fun and good for the people of the Leo zodiac. Leo zodiac people are likely to find many new opportunities by 2022. You just need to understand them at the right time. Do not hold back from helping people in the New Year because helping others will bring good results.


The New Year 2022 will be very exciting for the people of the Scorpio zodiac. The people of this star can see their dream come true this year. The stars are in your favor this year, so try to take full advantage of them.


The New Year 2022 will bring great joy to the people of the Taurus zodiac. Their work will improve their lives. You will try to increase your wealth this year. Everyone will appreciate your work at the workplace. This year your work will take you forward.


When it comes to luck, the people of this zodiac expect financial gain, but there is no need to always have financial benefits. By 2022, their lives will experience a new transformation. If you have gone through many good and bad things in your love life, expect 2022 to be a good year for you. This year too they will reap the rewards of hard work.

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Libra Rashifal

The Libra rashifal brings a lot of fun for the people of this star in this New Year. They will be full of confidence in their talent to achieve great success in life. Their love life will be a very special thing, and financial problems will bring them back. There will be new opportunities, but hard work is need to find them.

Capricorn Rashifal

The New Year 2022 rashifal brings happiness in the life of Capricorns. You will continue to walk on the path to success this year as well. This means, next year, your stars will always be high and luck will support you.

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