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Why Matchmaking Kundli is important in Vedic Astrology?

Why Matchmaking Kundli is important in Vedic Astrology

Online Kundli Matching is the easiest and most accurate way to match the stars of the potential bride and groom. Matchmaking Kundli has been develop since ancient times, and Vedic astrological methods are use for the analysis of compatibility between couples. According to Hindu Vedic astrology, Kundli comparisons are prepare in the Ashtakoot style of Guna. In Hindu marriage, Guna Milan’s fine points are essential for a happy, long-lasting, and successful marriage.

How does Matchmaking kundli work in Marriage?

The imitation of the Guna and kundli is a very important aspect of every Hindu marriage. Indian Vedic astrology services, in Hinduism, emphasize the matching of a birth chart before tying the knot, to ensure a happy and long married life. Initially, Matching Kundli should be test by the world-famous Astrologer, You can contact Acharya Indu Prakash Ji. Online checking has become easier and faster to check the compatibility of the couple, but sometimes it cannot show the exact result.

Online kundli matching
Astroeshop Matchmaking Kundli

There are two ways to compare a boy and girl horoscope

● Horoscope associated with the name

● Kundli estimation by date of birth

It is prepare by the name; the marriage match will be done by the names of the bride and groom. Matching kundli also known as Guna matching word involves testing of compatibility between spouses. It is prepare using the names of the bride and groom to check their attributes.

Matchmaking Kundli is based on date of birth, also known as a Janam Kundli, is based on the Ashtakoot age-old method and determines the compatibility of two people using their birth information sequentially. In western astrology, some people believe in using a love calculator to determine their love points and check the zodiac correlation with their partner to determine their emotional, mental and physical compatibility.

Although, it is based on the Gunas, it is also prepare for birthday count matchmaking Kundli. Matching Kundli on a birthday is consider to be more accurate and highly recommended by leading Astrologers.

What is Matchmaking Kundli?

According to Hindu tradition, the imitation of kundli is an important aspect of a successful marriage. It is a process of matching the stars (birth charts) of the bride and groom, a process that determines whether their stars are the equivalent of a successful and happy marriage. Usually, It is known by these names Matchmaking Kundli, Janam Kundli, Patrika Milan, and Guna Milan. Matching Kundli weddings are base on a few things, where the same Kundli points are also known as Guna matching.

Prediction of kundli with birthday and name is the best and most accurate way to find a match between a boy and a girl. It can be use to determine the ideal time to get marry, to have a long and happy relationship.

Matchmaking Kundli reports based on three main factors :

  • An attribute result
  • Manglik Dosha presence
  • Navamsa chart power
Matchmaking kundli
Guna matching

Use of Guna Matching in Matchmaking Kundli

Gunas Based on the details of the birth or horoscope of the bride and groom, eight Gunas or Ashtakoots are calculated with a marriage match calculator. In comparing Kundli with name and date of birth, the compatibility of these eight guns tells us about the success of the marriage. These properties are:


The first quality compares Varna or caste for the bride and groom. The Varna of the groom should be equal to or greater than the Varna of the bride. This feature also illuminates the mental compatibility between the two.


While comparing attributes in terms of name and date of birth, these attributes help to determine which one will dominate and control the most.


The nakshatra of birth or the stars of the bride and groom are compare which tells the healthy quotient of the relationship.


Sexual compatibility between two people can be determine by this quality.

Gruha Maitri

The intellectual and intellectual relationship between a future couples can be identify by name and birthday by matching the qualities of domestic friendship.


This quality helps determine the alignment between personality, behavior, attitude, and attitude of both.


Bhakoot guna refers to the state of financial prosperity and family well-being after marriage. After the wedding, how the groom’s work will grow with the bride, is determine.


This is the last guna that gives high marks and, according to the name and date of birth, is the most important quality during Kundli’s comparison. It talks about the life of an entire family after marriage. With this attribute, issues of birth and fertility are also determine.

Astroeshop matchmaking Kundli is 99% accurate, as it is prepare by the world’s best astrologer Acharya Indu Prakash Ji. It includes all the required remedies also, which will solve the upcoming hurdles in Marriage.

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