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Which Gemstone to wear as per kundli?

Which Gemstone to wear as per kundli

Gemstone are also called a birthstones or Rashi gems. It is believe that a suitable gemstone brings good luck and fulfills the dreams of the wearer. If someone is going through a sad time, then gemstones can help them in the struggle and are consider as one of the most simple and effective astrological remedies. However, the suitability of a particular gemstones recommendations varies from person to person. While one gemstone can be extremely beneficial for one person, it may have some adverse effect on another.

Therefore, before planning to wear a gemstone it is important to know which gemstone suits you. However there are many factors that determine which gemstone is suitable for which person and one of them is the zodiac sign. Know which gemstone will work for you according to your zodiac sign.

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Special gemstone for specific zodiac

Aries gemstone

Mars is the ruling planet of Aries, so people with Aries sign should wear a triangular shaped red coral gemstone. According to Indian Vedic astrology, it is also call coral or Praval and it is widely believe that it enhances the energy of Mars in the horoscope. It helps in overcoming enemies, lethargy and depression. Wearing it makes a person brave as it helps to get rid of his nervousness.


The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus, so people with this zodiac should wear diamonds. Venus is the epitome of beauty and luxury and, diamond is the only gem that can match up to this level. Diamonds, also known as “diamonds”, are extremely expensive, found in limited quantities and known for their bright light aura and brilliance. If a diamond is wear in the middle finger then it is consider best. It is consider to be the hardest and strongest substance found on Earth. Diamond is wear to enhance love, relationship, marriage and compatibility.


The planet of Gemini is Mercury. The most suitable gemstone for this Air sign is a pentagon shape emerald. Emerald gemstone Hindi name is Panna and it improves the position of Mercury in a person’s birth chart. This gemstone enhances the artistic, creative and communication skills of the wearer. The person who wears Emerald becomes more balanced and intellectual.


The ruling planet for Cancer is the Moon. Therefore, Cancer sign people should wear whole pearls without any holes. Gemstones recommendation helps to controls the mind, emotions and stabilizes the overall balance, with the help of gemstone. It is advisable to wear pearls during the Antardasha or Mahadasha of the Moon. Wearing pearls helps in combating depression and improves the relationship between husband and wife. It is beneficial for those who become fussy quickly.


Leo is rule by the Sun, and people of this zodiac should wear a red ruby in round shape. Red ruby gemstone hindi name is Laal Manik, it enhances the confidence, compassion and leadership qualities of the wearer. It is know to relieve worries and mental tensions and improves overall stamina and energy levels.


The ruling planet of Virgo is Mercury, so to improve one’s mental ability, one should wear an emerald. This beautiful green colored gem eliminates toxic thoughts from the mind and promotes grasping power. Those, who want to develop good oratory skills, communication skills, and want to be sharp-witt should wear Emerald.


Libra is rule by the Planet Venus in very elegant and stunningly beautiful way, therefore, diamond is the best gemstone that complements the beauty of Venus. Wearing a diamond can have significant effects such as relief from depression, anxiety and irritable nature. This is the quintessential gift for the person you love, as it is a symbol of love, romance and fidelity.


The ruling planet of Scorpio is Mars. Gemstone recommendation for Scorpio is Red Coral, which most important to wear by them. It is also called as coral and gives the needed strength to counter adversity, lethargy and procrastination. It increases the energy level and self-esteem and has many health effects on the wearer.


Ruled by the planet Jupiter, the best gemstone for Sagittarius is Yellow Sapphire. It is believe that this gemstone brings immense wealth to the person. It brings a lot of positivity, luck and happiness in the life of its wearer. Especially accountants, artists or people working in government department can get many benefits from wearing this stone.


Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn, therefore, Capricorns are advise to wear blue sapphire. It is also called Neelam and is consider a powerful gemstone. If appropriate, it can shower bountiful rewards on the wearer and if inappropriate, it can ruin the life of the person. Hence it is advise to do a detailed analysis before wearing this stone. Blue Sapphire improves decision making power, concentration and focus of the person.


Aquarius is rule by the planet Uranus (Arun), therefore, amethyst (turquoise) is gemstone recommendation for Aquarius. Wearing this gemstone can have a positive effect on career, business, relationships and finances. It also helps in enhancing communication skills. A person will get rid of all his troubles, if this gem is suitable for him.


The ruling planet of Pisces is Neptune (Varuna). They are advise to wear yellow sapphire. It is believe that the wearer gets good luck, fortune, and prosperity. This gemstone can increases marital bliss, concentration, chances of success, etc, and also bestows many health benefits by wearing these recommended Gemstone.

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Lal kitab Gemstone Recommendation

It often happens that the planets are sometimes weak in the horoscope or their effects are not right on the person. In such a situation, they are advise to wear the gemstone associated with the planet. Each planet has its own gemstone. In such a situation, many times people themselves wear gems according to the planets. At the same time, sometimes amateurs also start wearing gemstone rings, but these gems are not suitable for everyone. Sometimes their effect also seems to be the opposite. In such a situation, a ring studded with gems should not be wear without anyone’s advice. Some of its rules have also been mention in the Lal Kitab.

Learn the rules of wearing gemstone rings from Lal Kitab

If the Moon is in the 12th or 10th house in the horoscope, then such people should never wear pearls.
The person in whose horoscope Rahu is in the 12th, 11th, 5th, 8th or 9th position should keep a distance from Onyx.

One who has Ketu in the 3rd and 6th house should never wear Lashunia.
Wearing emerald will not be auspicious for those whose horoscope is sitting in the third or 12th house.
Those who are sitting in the ascendant, fifth or 11th house in their horoscope, they should keep a distance from the sapphire.

If Venus is sitting in the third, fifth, and eighth position in your horoscope, then do not wear a diamond at all.
If there is Jupiter in Sagittarius ascendant in the horoscope, then topaz or gold should be wear in the upper part of the body i.e. in the neck or ear.
Understand these things, then wear the ring.

The gemstone should be wear, according to the planet in which the Mahadasha is going on in the horoscope of the person, as the person can wear iron or sapphire without any worry in the Mahadasha of Saturn. But Sapphire does not suit everyone. It should be wear by showing astrology personally.
If two planets are in the enemy house, then never wear the ring of both the planets together.
To make the planet strong, the stone should be inlaid in the metal of the same planet.
If the planet of birth and the planet of birth time are the same then it is very auspicious. The ring of this planet can be wear.

Know which planet belongs to which gemstone and which metal to wear

sun ruby -gold
Moon pearl – silver
Mars coral – copper
Mercury Emerald – Gold
Guru Pukhraj – Gold
Venus Diamond – Silver
Saturn Sapphire – Iron
Rahu Onyx – mixed metal
Ketu Lasonya – gold or copper

According to Lal Kitab, gems have the power to awaken the slow, weak, and sleeping planets, but wearing it without the right astrologer advice is not right.

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Gemstone recommendation by Date of Birth

The colorful variety of glittering gemstones is often accompanied by an ingenious combination of the moon. Both the traditional and modern categories involve the same relation. They has been long revered as myths as encapsulates of mysterious structures. There are scientific claims that support the relationship between birthstones and the far-reaching influence they have on human life.

January– Garnet, February– Amethyst , March -Aquamarine , April -Diamond, May -Emerald
June –Pearl , July– Red Ruby ,August– Peridot ,September– yellow Sapphire , October– Opal
November -Topaz ,December -Turquoise.

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