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Today human life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes an incident takes us by surprise and
sometimes it also shocks us. Sometimes we fall into so much despair that the power of
consciousness appears to be void. Sometimes we feel that luck is deceiving. Even after all the
efforts, success wants to stay away from us, so many times we get stressed with relationships.
We do not consider ourselves lucky with the achievements we have achieved, but as soon as
some opposite happens, we definitely find ourselves standing in the category of unlucky. We
keep looking for a guide in every situation, who will help us to maintain faith and faith in the
future with happiness and sorrow, then our curiosity remains in the coming tomorrow as to what
is going to happen to us in the next phase and By what kind of effort we can get benefit or if
there is any loss, then can caution can save us from that loss. What is it that some rich and
some poor get a high position in spite of someone’s low qualification, then even after a lot of
the effort, some people are not able to collect normal facilities?

Why Astrology? — The Light & The Weight

The curiosity to know the future is part of human nature. One of the various traditions of future science is considered very successful since ancient times, through which we can get the answer of all these and that tradition proves to a great extent in pacifying the curiosities of the past or present as well future. happened. Therefore, after assessing the various joys and sorrows, profit-loss and success-failure of life, to get enough happiness from it and suggest remedies in case of misery or loss, this science is called astrology.

Astrology doesn't work, so why do so many still believe it? | Metro News

The explanation of each part of life is hidden in the twelve houses of astrology, in which it is
possible to discuss the entire life cycle by assessing the position of the planet, the lord of that
planet, and the position of that lord planet. The new year is starting from today, so according to
the happiness-sadness, profit-loss, success-failure and various aspects related to life in the
whole year of the people of twelve zodiac signs, how will your coming year be and What could be the solution accordingly. Know, from the horoscope analysis of the people of twelve zodiac signs that their year 2012 is going to bring happiness for them, then what will be the state of their health and education and if there is any adverse situation then what will be their remedies.

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