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Neeli Stone is also know as “Neelam” also. It is find in shades of blue and purple. Blue colour, dark blue colour, purple colour, purple colour, and purple colours with an aura of blue colour, etc. are available in nature. This gem is related to the Sahasrara Chakra of the body. The colour of Sahasrar Chakra (Crown Chakra) is purple. Therefore, this Uparatna is related to this cycle. Individuals whose Sahasrara Chakra is weak and whose memory is weak can wear Neeli Stone benefits.

Original Neeli Stone can be wear as a sapphire gemstone. Those people whose horoscope Saturn is the lord of auspicious sentiments and is situate in a weak state can wear this Uparatna.

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Neeli Stone is famous as an attractive gem. In ancient times this Uparatna was used by sailors to guide the sea as a compass (In ancient times, Iolite sub-stone was use as a compass to determine the direction of seas). With this help, he travel to distant countries and reached his destination.

Sailors observe that when the aerolite is seem in the sky in the north or south direction, it emits purple waves with different types of blue aura. This make them aware of the direction. In the olden times, it was believe that if the artist wears this gemstone, then his creative ability develops immensely.

It helps in opening the door to the inner self-power of a person. It helps in finding the internal parts of a particular person. That is, it develops internal physical abilities. Many scholars believe that the above is helpful in providing information about past lives. It is considered to be the epitome of self-sight and creative and creative expression.

This Uparatna brings happiness to the life of the bearer. It has all the qualities of connecting with others. Wearing it removes throat disorders. If there is swelling in the veins, then wearing this Uparatna is beneficial. This aphrodisiac is useful in getting rid of skin disorders. If there are more blisters on the body, a person gets diagnose with ulceration by wearing this Uparatna. Intensifies the intellect. This gemstone is also use in healing therapies. Which is very helpful in keeping the mind and brain calm. This upratna can be wear as a sapphire gemstone. Those people in whose horoscope Saturn is the lord of auspicious sentiments and is situated in a weak state can wear this Uparatna.

Benefits of Neeli Stone

The use of the original Neeli stone helps in giving fruits quickly to the native. Neeli stone benefits are very helpful in getting progress in life.
Wearing this gem brings the person prosperity, happiness, and good times. Gives you mental satisfaction and positivity. The use of this gem is also consider very good from a health point of view. This gem plays a very positive role in promoting vitality and enthusiasm. Neeli protects the person from wrong things and negative things like tantra-magic-sorcery-totka. The use of this gem increases the efficiency of a person, and Individuals are capable of doing any task seriously.

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