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Hakik is known as Akiq in Hindi and Agate in English. The Greek philosophers discovered this gem in 300 BC. Hakik is a suboptimal gem option of all the main gems. It is usually worn as a garland or ring. According to the advice of the astrologer, any person can wear a haik according to the color mentioned. When it comes to identifying the real hakik, attention should be paid to the level of its color, texture, and shape. The high-quality hakik is manufactured with strict and advanced production technology that enhances its surface brightness. Most people know hakik as a shiny, bandied gem and it is one of the essential aspects of creating a real hakik.

The hakik stone in which white stripes are found is considered the best. Black is for mental balance and tension, white for spiritual peace and quietness, yellow hakik for harmlessness, wealth and happiness for prosperity, blue hakik for good sleep and avoid nightmares.

Astroeshop provides you 100% original and genuine stone. The provided stone is energized by the Acharya Indu Prakash Ji. If you want to consult more, before installing any stone. You can discuss with the world’s best astrologer Acharya Indu Prakash Ji. Astroeshop helps you to arrange an appointment with Acharya Ji.

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Hakik Stone brings stability to your life and maintains emotional, physical, and intellectual balance within you. If we talk about the benefits of physical appearance, then the problem of bones and joints is reduce due to the fact that the pain in the shoulder and neck also goes away. Hakik helps in maintaining the balance of the body, especially in old age. Its effect is good luck and your popularity also increases. It helps in overcoming fear and provides strength.

Hakik Stone original is also use for safety, success, and courage. With the help of hakik, you are able to explain your dream. With the help of this gem, you will be able to rise above your fears and move forward. This gemstone also reduces the effects of nausea, cramps, and digestive issues. Fertility also increases as a result of hakik. Not only this, the hot energy generated by Hakik Stone benefits pregnancy and breast cancer. It is also use to protect against the effects of black magic, evil spirits, and negative thoughts.

Why should you wear Hakik Stone

Hakik Stone is use to relieve dizziness, headaches as well as skin problems. It is very important that this gemstone is in contact with your skin as well as the organ that needs treatment. The use of hakik is also beneficial to eliminate fatigue and swelling of the eyes. Hakik is also use to reduce problems during pregnancy. The hakik has an important role in keeping the earth’s cycle balanced. The Hakik Stone original acts as a spiritual connection, helping to connect us with divine power. It is also important to remove the blockages in the Hara line energy.

With this effect, energy flows from head to toe throughout the body and also relieves emotional pain. Also, it helps in maintaining a balance between the earth and the sky and increases overall awareness. Since there is no loss of hakik, it is obvious that its effect will increase the feeling of love, wealth, good luck, and harmony and it acts as a protective shield for children. Hakik is saying to be the oldest gem in history and belongs to the multi-colour Chalsini group. Hakik helps to differentiate our perceptions and provides strength to the wearer.


1. It is say that Lord Shiva is please by chanting the rosary of Hakik.
2. It is believe that wearing Hakik eliminates all kinds of obstacles.
3. There is no crisis of any kind and the defects of Shani, Rahu, and Ketu are remove.
4. It is believe that keeping the hakik at home or nearby leads to an increase in good fortune, that is, luck.
5. It is say that the person who has real hakik never remains poor and destroys poverty.
6. If one chants a mantra of Hanuman Ji, with the turning of the hakik, it proves very beneficial.

Method of wearing 

It should always be wear in a silver ring. Apart from this, the ring of hakik should be wear on the middle finger of the hand directly after sunrise on Saturday. By the way, wearing a thread is also a common way to wear it in a thread. The rosary of Hakik keeps you safe from sin, black magic, system, etc.

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