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Sun Sitara

Sun Sitara Stone

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Yellow Sapphire Stone

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Sunela is also known as Topaz. It is available in many colors but most of all it is worn in light yellow color. Those who are unable to buy Pukhraj, the gemstone of Jupiter, are advised to wear gold. It is a yellowish somewhat transparent rhinestone.

The Sunela Stone is a gemstone of the group, which is yellow-brown in color. It is similar in appearance to the gems when the sun rises. The Golden Ratna is the Guru’s Ratna and Pukhraj’s Uparna. Wearing it removes the defects related to Guru, respect, and dignity are attained. According to Vedic astrology, the Sunehla Ratna is related to the Guru and it occupies Sagittarius and Pisces and hence this gem is beneficial for the people of Sagittarius and Pisces zodiac. According to Western astrology, it is the birthstone of the Sagittarius people.

Sunela is a soft yellow and fully transparent gemstone. It is the gemstone of Pukhraj and Pukhraj is the gem of the planet Gurus so wearing it brings all the benefits related to the Guru, earns respect, develops decision-making capacity, and increases interest in social work.


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Wearing Sunela gems improves the economic condition. If you desire money then you must wear golden gems. Wearing the golden one keeps the mental state of the person fit and makes him strong with the mind. Also performs well in the fields of education, justice, and education. Wearing this Sunela gemstone is very beneficial for people, who face a financial crisis, after wearing this gem. All kinds of problems related to money start to come to an end and there is prosperity in the house.

A person who is suffering from a liver-related disease for a long time, even after treatment, and is not getting rest, that person must wear this gemstone, in addition to the person who is suffering from a disease like diabetes or is not coming under sugar control. You should wear the golden gemstone immediately. You will reduce all the problems related to liver and diabetes, so you should wear the golden gemstone without wasting time.

Method of wearing Sunela

If you want to wear Jupiter Dev’s gem, Sunela, then put 3 to 5-carat Sunela in a gold or silver ring and wear it on any Shukla Paksha after the sun rises on Thursday. For this, first put the Ring in milk, Ganga water, honey, and sugar solution, then burn the name of five Agarbatti Brahaspathis and pray that Jupiter. Holding your representative Gemstone Pukhraj Sunela to get your blessings, Please do give your blessings!

After this, take out the ring and turn it over to 108 incense sticks and chant the ॐBrahm Brihaspatiya Namah, and after that, touch the ring at the feet of Vishnu and hold it on the index finger! To achieve good effects of Jupiter, wear only top quality silhouette, Pukhraj, start giving effect within 30 days of wearing Pukhraj and give full effect for about 4 years and then become dormant! After becoming inactive, you can wear a new topaz again. For good effect, the colour of the topaz should be light yellow and stain-free, there should be no defect in the topaz, otherwise auspicious effects may be reduce.

Gold quality identification of Sunela

The golden yellow colour is recognize by its beauty and texture. It should be bright, there should be no lines or stripes of any kind on it. Should be smooth and clear. This uppermost has many shades going from yellow to brown. You can use it as you like in a ring, a bracelet, or a pendant.

The golden age found in the natural state is rarely available. Artificial goldfish are highly available in the market. Seeing its brightness, a person gets confuse and considers topaz. But when you look carefully at the two gems, the difference is clearly visible. More clarity than Pukhraj is seem in gold. Many times the gold pieces are made by adding the remaining pieces of Pukhraj.

Astroeshop provides you with 100% genuine and original products only. Which gives you positive effects immediately.

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