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A Kundali is a document often used to perform astrological calculations. At the time of making a Kundali, the date of birth, time of birth, place of birth, and name are asked. A birth chart is formed by mixing these four components. The Kundali can also be called an astrology profile in a way because it can only be known from the horoscope of the type of planets of any person. The horoscope is used to find out about the state, mood, and planets of a person’s planets. By doing this, an attempt is made to find out the potential ability and future of the person. From the horoscope, it is also known whether the person is auspicious or not.

A Kundali is one such astrologer chart. Which is divided into 12 houses by mixing different signs and planets. In this chart, the first house starts from the antecedent. And the rest of the houses are counted counter-clockwise. These houses define the position and astrological aspects of the person. The 12 houses divided in the horoscope each house represents a particular possibility of life. There is another possibility – career, relationship, money. With this, the future of any person can be speculated by looking at Janam Kundli. Depending on the position of the planets, zodiac signs change in the horoscope.

In this Kundali, we will give information about the present, future, and past of any person. The birth chart is formed on the basis of our date of birth, time, and place. In the earlier days, after the birth of a child, people make a horoscope by telling the correct birth time, date, name, etc. Even today people go to the astrologer for the horoscope. If people go to the astrologer, then they also tell all the doshas and their remedies hidden in the horoscope. Sometimes they tell advise you those remedies which you will not able to perform. But here you will get the easiest remedies to all your problems. This Kundali is a full-fledged Kundali, after that there is no need to take any other Astrological advice. Provided Kundali is prepared by Acharya Indu Prakash Ji himself.

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Know about your Life Predictions through a kundli in detail with remedies by Acharya Indu Prakash Ji on Education, Finance, Health, Profession, family, Marriage.

We all have an eagerness to know what is going to be formed in our lives but we cannot predict these things. We all must have heard about the horoscope and through this, we can know the present and future of any person. We are not God, so with whom whatever is to happen is going to happen, but we can prepare ourselves in advance to fight it. With the horoscope, we can know about the position of the planet and its effects and can also enable ourselves to fight it in the coming times. It is through the horoscope that the defects caused by the planet in a person are revealed. Many times people also perform pooja etc. to avoid defects found in their birth chart. Even in marriage, in marriage, the boy and Kandi’s horoscope can show their merits. The horoscope is very important in our Hindu culture and even today people believe in it very much

Bad days come in everyone’s life, but very few people can muster up the courage to face them. You already know through the horoscope, so that you will be able to make yourself strong. Many times, through horoscopes, you also get information about the calamities and diseases, so that you become alert. You can also find your favorable life partner for you on the basis of a horoscope. Match the horoscope of both the boy and the girl to get information about the compatibility between them. If there is any defect in your horoscope, due to which you are unable to reach your goal despite hard work, then you can get rid of it on the basis of the horoscope. Many people today do not believe in the horoscope, but in the properly made horoscope, the information is only on the basis of your planet and constellation. If you go to any astrologer, then keep in mind that they should have complete knowledge of astrology, who have experience in making horoscopes. If you make the horoscope online through application or software, believe it only after thorough research. The horoscope reduces the guidance in your life and therefore one should have faith and not superstition.

Astroeshop provides you a complete full kundli by which you can know better and compare your upcoming decision accordingly, there is mentioned which field you should choose as a career, at which age you should get married, with whom you have to be safe. if there is any Dosha in your kundli, you will get the easiest remedy for that. Which you can perform easily. Even there is mentioned your favorable Gem, Ruby, Rudraksha. Moreover, provided kundli is prepared by the world’s best astrologer Acharya Indu Prakash Ji.


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