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What Is Jamuniya Gemstone Which Looks Like Sapphire

Jamuniya Gemstone or Katela in Hindi because of its transparent purple colour. It used to be consider a precious stone. But now with a rich supply, it is classified as a semi-precious stone. Vedic astrology considered Jamuniya as a substitute for Neelam Ratna. It is an effective astrological stone for Shani Dosh or the negative effects of the planet Saturn.

Benefits of Jamuniya Gemstone – Jamuniya is a sub-stone, which is related to the planet Saturn. And it is wear by many people in place of Sapphire. Sapphire is a very expensive gemstone, so it is not in everyone’s power to wear Jamuniya gemstone. Jamuniya stone is use instead.

Jamuniya Gemstone| Astroeshop Gmestone| Katela|
Jamuniya Gemstone

By wearing Jamuniya Ratna, the person shows seriousness towards his responsibilities, along with this. He tries to fulfil the things related to responsibility with full devotion. It increases the understanding capacity of the person. So before taking any decision, the person tries to think about anything. One takes a decision after thinking carefully about it, Jamunia also strengthens the strong ability of the stone.

By wearing Jamuniya Gemstone, the mind remains calm. It has the ability to cure different types of mental anxiety or any kind of mental disorder, protects the person from the state of excessive stress, Jamuniya Ratna insomnia, irritability, and fear and proves to be very beneficial in things like depression. And its effect is also very widespread, that is why wearing Jamuniya Ratna in all these things gives a lot of benefits to the person.

Jamuniya Gemstone| Astroeshop gemstone|
Jamuniya Gemstone

Benefits of Jamuniya Gemstone

  • By wearing Jamuniya Ratna, the mental condition becomes very strong, along with this. Jamuniya Ratna also increases concentration power, meditation power, and makes them strong.
  • If a person is passing through any condition related to Shani, be it Mahadasha or Shani’s Sade Sati or Saturn’s Daiya, Jai Shani’s Mahadasha, all these things. Jamuniya Ratna must be worn in such a situation. The qualities have the ability to protect the native from the inauspicious side effects of Shani.
  • Many people fall prey to various types of bad addictions due to the malefic state of Saturn. In such a situation, Jamuniya Ratna is also using to get rid of bad addictions. Along with this, the Jamuniya stone proves to be very beneficial for people suffering from laziness and lethargy, by wearing it, things like laziness and lethargy are completely destroying, and there is a flow of energy inside the person. Due to this, the person feels very energetic all the time.
  • The medicinal properties of Jamuniya Ratna are also no less, which is why it is use in various types of medicines as well. Be it arthritis or bone cancer, paralysis, shoulder pain etc. Gives a lot of benefits.
  • Jamuniya Ratna does not allow the person to fall due to any laziness which makes him very hardworking, such people are very hardworking, and are very alert towards their work. For them, their work is their worship.
  • By wearing Jamuniya Ratna, the person has a sense of morality, and fulfils his moral responsibilities there with full devotion, under any circumstances, the person does not deviate from his deeds, his most This is the great speciality.
Jamuniya Gemstone| Katela| Astroeshop|
Jamuniya Gemstone

Who Should Wear Jamuniya Gemstone?

Jamuniya Ratna gives favourable results to Capricorn sign natives. It is also recommend for people under the signs of Aries, Cancer, Leo and Scorpio. Natives suffering from the malefic effects of the planet Saturn in their horoscope are advise to wear this stone.

Anyone who desires wealth, fame, honour and good fortune should wear this stone. It is recommend to consult an astrologer before wearing Katela Ratna.

This gemstone is very beneficial for Aquarius and Capricorn natives. Aries, Cancer, Leo and Scorpio people can also wear this gem. By wearing Jamuniya one gets rid of Saturn’s shortcomings and wrong impressions and one who gets money, honour and good health is given.

From where to get it?

We Astroeshop provide Jamuniya Gemstone with authenticity certification. It will include a brief description of weight, colour, cut and originality. This Jamuniya gemstone is energize by World’s famous astrologer Acharya Indu Prakash Ji. This will bring you favourable results soon.

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