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Panna Gemstone Benefits

Panna Gemstone or Emerald in Hindi is a very important gemstone in Vedic astrology. It is a mineral compound composed of aluminium silicate and beryllium silicate. Like all coloured gemstones, they are graded based on four basic parameters: colour, cut, clarity and carat weight. They are either pale green or deep green in colour and are extremely rare.

Zambian emeralds are said to be the purest and astrologically soundest. According to Vedic literature, the astrological gemstone of Mercury or Budh Graha is an emerald. It is know to bestow wisdom, creativity, art, wealth, health, agility and intelligence to its wearer, which is why people buy the Virgo stone.

Benefits of Panna Gemstone| Panna Gemstone| Astroeshop Gemstone|
Benefits of Panna Gemstone

For which signs and people are Panna Gemstone good

Panna Gemstone are good for people whose Indian astrology chart has Mercury in a good position, especially if they work in politics, public speaking, business or public relations. Writers, politicians, spiritual leaders, musicians, public speakers, judges, government officials, architects, auditors, shippers, bankers and financiers all benefit greatly from emerald’s ability to enhance intelligence, memory, analytical power and intelligence.

What can Panna Gemstone ring to the table

A gift in the form of an emerald will bring good luck, especially to Gemini and Virgo, who is associated with love and generosity. They promote happiness, wealth and health. Wearing an emerald will prevent a pregnant woman from having prolonged labour. In addition, emeralds are said to regulate blood flow and relieve mental stress. Emeralds are also very useful to people who work in medicine, especially those who specialize in general medicine, astrology, brain, eye, ear and other related fields.

A combination of emerald and other stones

Combining emeralds with other stones will improve performance in competitive exams, business and commerce. The power of the emerald can be use for the benefit of professionals in the textile industry, commission agents and publishers in business-related fields. People who run travel agencies or other commission-based businesses that do not need money to start can benefit from these stones.

  • It encourages positive thoughts and helps in eliminating negative belief systems. It calms the wearer’s irrational and wasteful thoughts and provides stability in difficult conditions.
  • For someone who needs fearlessness, the emerald fills in as a source of a self-confidence boost.
Benefits of Panna Gemstone| Panna Gemstone| Emeralds| Gemstone|
Panna Gemstone

Characteristics of Emerald

  • It has numerous medicinal properties, some of which are list here. When worn by epileptic patients, it significantly reduces the likelihood of seizures. In addition, it helps with dysentery.
  • It helps relieve the pain of venomous bites. The venom that has been absorb by a venomous bite tends to be destroy.
  • A pregnant woman will experience fewer labour pains and a faster delivery if she attaches an emerald stone to her thigh.
  • Emerald is also know as the gem of love and beauty, as it was associate with Venus in ancient times.
  • Panna Gemstone enhances the wearer’s memory as well as their ability to make smart decisions and gain insight. That’s why most people buy Virgo stones online. It allows you to think about the past, present and future.
  • Emerald also has properties that help restore eyesight. Using fine emerald stone powder as an eye lotion is say to restore sight or cure vision problems of any kind.
  • The emerald has its own place in the religious liturgy. There is a theory for every religion when it comes to the green gem. Moreover, this gemstone is consider beneficial by all.
  • It is believe that when the emerald green colour begins to fade, it is time to either replace it with a new one with new energies or throw it away as it is no longer useful to the wearer and may also have adverse effects when use.
  • It is know that infections and diseases can be treat with the cleansing properties of Emerald.
  • In addition, emerald healing properties are widely distribute to various organs. It helps treat problems with the skeletal system, skin, cardiovascular system, kidneys and adrenal glands. The benefits of gemstones can also heal the liver and intestinal system.

The vivid green colour of emerald  

Emerald, with its brilliant green hue, symbolizes love, youth and inevitability. According to the ancient Romans, green was the colour of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. In Islam, green is also consider holy. The Catholic Church also considers green to be the most important color, which places a high value on it. Because of their striking shade of green, emeralds have a deep meaning in love and also symbolize feelings that last forever.

  • In a crippling state where one has lost all hope and creativity, it proves beneficial. It revives the desire to experiment with colours and creativity, as well as a positive outlook on the world.
  • Symbolizing love and purity, wearing this gemstone prevents any ill will or lust. Removes all barriers of insecurity and cheating spouse.
  • Understudies who sport Emerald consistently convince progress in their abstract process. As this gem is a powerful and benevolent intelligence advancement, they reach heights in their studies.
Benefits of Panna Gemstone| Astroeshop Gemstones| Emerland|
Panna Gemstone
  • Astroeshop Panna Gemstone helps one with the sophistication and confidence expected in broad daylight in one’s speaking abilities.
  • If you struggle with concentration and focus, the stone can help you prioritize your priorities and focus on one task for longer periods of time.
  • When things are hard and bad, it acts as a stone that supports you by giving you a lot of tolerance, wisdom and clarity.
  • Emerald helps you realize your dreams and broaden your perspective so you can foresee success when your mind is cloud. That is why people like to buy Panna stones.


Green, a colour that is naturally cold and is say to help people strengthen their positive life force, is carry by emeralds. The liver, intestines, kidneys, body and nose are affect by the colour green. In addition, emeralds are useful in the treatment of nervous conditions and diseases caused by an imbalance of vital body air. As a result, they can help treat epilepsy, poison-related illnesses, insanity, stammering, memory loss, bronchitis, flatulence, and dyspepsia.

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