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In astrology, many problems of a person have been solved. According to this, all the troubles caused to the person are considered to be related to the Navagrahas. By wearing the gems of these planets, enhances the physical beauty of man and also helps in solving various problems. Panna is one of these Navratnas, this gem represents the planet, Mercury. In such a situation, if a person is in the horoscope Mercury is the lord of the supreme feelings, then wearing emerald is considered auspicious for him.

Panna is considered very auspicious for businessmen and students of the student class. Wearing it gives them success in their work and develops intelligence. Also, it helps in controlling your anger and maintains the concentration of your mind. So let us know which page is considered auspicious for the natives, about the rules of wearing it and the benefits of wearing it.

Astroeshop provides you 100% original and genuine products. Gemstone gives positive effects only when it is energized. The provided Panna stone is energized by Acharya Indu Prakash Ji.

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Wearing Panna Gemini and Virgo Ascendant is considered auspicious. If Mercury is in the sixth, eighth, and 12th house in one are ascendant, then he can also wear emerald. Also, if Mercury is in the lower Pisces zodiac, it can also be worn. If Mercury is the lord of auspicious place in the eighth house, wearing Panna is considered very auspicious.
If you are having the Mahadasha or inward mood of Mercury, then you must wear an emerald. This will remove all your problems and you will get continued success in your work.

Rules for wearing Panna Gems

Let me tell you that there are some special rules to be followed while wearing this gemstone. Because wrong time and wrongly holding this gem does not yield auspicious results and this gem starts giving inauspicious results in your life. So let us know the rules and benefits of wearing this gemstone.

Panna Ratna should be worn in the morning on Wednesday. For this, before placing it, but the gem in cow’s milk for some time. Then offer it to the idol of the Lord in the temple. Now after a while, clean this gemstone with Ganges water and wear it before 10 am, and chant the Omkar Mantra before wearing this gem.

Extremely profitable for Businessman

Let me tell you, this gem is nothing short of a miracle for traders or business. This helps in creating your messy work. Also, if you are constantly facing losses and fraud in business, then you can get rid of all these problems by wearing this gem. Wearing it is less likely to cause damage and fraud in the business.

Financial crisis removes

If you are troubled by the scarcity of money and are in debt, then this gem frees you from debt and opens the way to get money.

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