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The fire of giant asteroids is happening in the universe, the blazing rocks passing by the earth increased the tension

The fire of giant asteroids is happening in the universe

The fire of giant asteroids is happening in the universe, the blazing rocks passing by the earth increased the tension

Giant rocks are raining in space and many giant asteroids are passing by the earth. One of which is the size of an asteroid similar to the Empire State Building of Giza. According to data from NASA’s Center for Near Earth Object Studies, two more asteroids are expected to pass near the Earth on Saturday and in the coming days, which has increased the tension of scientists significantly. The fear is that if these asteroids fall into the Earth’s gravitational field, then there may be destruction on Earth.

The fire of giant asteroids is happening in the universe - astroeshop

Threat from many giant asteroids NASA said that, on Friday, a giant asteroid has passed very close to the Earth. Asteroid 2021 SM-3, whose diameter was 525 feet, passed near Earth on Friday. NASA has said that this asteroid is larger than the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt and has passed about 3.5 million miles from Earth. This giant asteroid was discovered only last month and if it had come into Earth’s orbit, then there could have been a terrible devastation. Asteroids passing near the Earth are named by scientists as comets or asteroids.

The fire of giant asteroids is happening in the universe - Astroeshop

NASA has come to know in research that these asteroids are pushed out of their orbit by other giant planets with their own gravity, and the gravity in the Earth’s orbit makes these stones their own. Therefore, if these asteroids come too close to Earth’s orbit, then there is a possibility of them colliding in Earth’s orbit, which can prove to be very dangerous. However, scientists say that, since these asteroids are still far away from Earth’s orbit, there is no need to be afraid now. Paul Chodas, director of CNEOS at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California, said, “Astronomically they are getting closer to Earth. But in human terms they are millions of miles away and they are still millions of miles away from Earth’s orbit. Will stay.’

The rain of mountains in space NASA constantly trucks the entire asteroid group and keeps a constant eye on those asteroids, which are coming close to the earth and can be a threat to the earth in the coming time. Apart from this, NASA has launched a mission that can destroy asteroids in space. At this time it is going to pass through Earth’s orbit, it will be about 2 lakh 38 thousand 854 miles away from Earth’s orbit and scientists have named that asteroid as 2021 TJ-15. A leading scientist said, “This asteroid is passing close to the Earth, but it is very small and its diameter is only 13 meters. This asteroid is coming closer to the Moon, but this name will not hit the Earth nor the Moon.

Threat to Earth NASA has tracked more than 27 thousand asteroids passing close to Earth, which can pass close to Earth’s orbit and NASA is continuously monitoring these 27 thousand asteroids. Asteroids are the smallest and medium-sized asteroids 300 m to 600 m (984 ft to 1,968 ft) in size and the larger to 1 kilometer (3,280 ft). Scientists said that many asteroids passing by Earth are small and when they enter the planet’s atmosphere, they burn up. The scientist said that the chances of an asteroid hitting the Earth in the near future are extremely low, but we cannot ignore the danger.

the universe - Astroeshop

What are asteroids?

Let us tell you that asteroids are large space rocks that orbit the Sun like a planet, but their size is much smaller. But if these asteroids collide with a planet, then there is an earthquake. Scientists have discovered that most of the asteroids in our Galaxy are found in the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, while many asteroids are also found in the orbits of other planets. Scientists believe that about 4.5 billion years ago, when our galaxy was formed, then due to gas and dust, such clouds, which could not become a planet for some reason, became asteroids over time. Asteroids are not usually round and can have any shape.

The fire of giant asteroids is happening in the universe - Astroeshop

Let us tell you that on June 30, 1908, there was a huge explosion near the Tunguska River in Siberia, Russia. According to NASA, the Tunguska event was the first entry of a large meteorite into Earth’s atmosphere in modern history. It is said that there was a strong explosion in the air several miles above and the force of that explosion was such that about 80 million trees were destroyed in an area of 2,150 sq km. NASA says that a meteorite hit a remote part of Siberia that day, but did not reach the ground. It is said that the meteorite exploded in the air itself and caused havoc on trees in an area hundreds of miles wide. Thousands of wild animals were also killed in this explosion. Scientists said that if it fell in an area with an asteroid population, then thousands of people could have died.

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