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If you are not getting promotion despite hard work, then follow these Astro Tips

If you are not getting promotion despite hard work, then follow these Astro Tips

If you work hard day and night, are honest about your work, but in spite of this you are not getting promotion or promotion, then do not worry at all because here we are going to tell you some special astro remedies, by adopting which you can improve your life. It can solve the problem and it will also help you to move forward.

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Do this remedy suggested by Acharya Indu Prakash Ji, you will definitely get promotion and progress

It may be that the seating position of the place where you sit in the office is not right, in such a situation, you cannot sabotage there, in such a situation, you can keep a photo of the Isht Dev on your table, which will help you every time. Moments will assure that nothing wrong will happen to you, your confidence will not decrease and you will also get positive energy and you will continue to do your work honestly, which is the basic mantra of progress.

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You can also keep a picture of a turtle or a fish on your table, these are also considered auspicious. Sometimes even a small aquarium can open doors for growth. If you get angry when you don’t get encouragement, put a small calendar on the table, it calms the anger. Whenever you leave the house after eating curd and sugar, it is considered auspicious. Never eat or drink at your working station.

Always keep a handkerchief with you, which whenever you get angry, you take it in your hand, your attention will be towards that and your anger will calm down, which is fatal in progress. Apart from this, you can also wear Rudraksha beads. Pearl ring is also a source of progress. If you feed bread to the cow every day, it also opens the door to progress.

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