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Wear Garnet for profit in business and share market

Wear Garnet

Wear Garnet for profit in business and share market

If you want to be successful in business, stock market, commodity market then you are advised to wear garnet. Why so, when many gems and gems come to be successful in business, then why is it said to wear garnet only. After all, what is it in this gem that makes it so effective.

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Let’s know in detail

Garnet is a gemstone which is found in many colors like black, red, green, blue but mostly red garnet is worn. Its owner also differs according to the colors. The lord of red garnet is Mars, similarly the garnet with blood color or slight blackness is ruled by Rahu. Do not go for the color of garnet, its basic nature is to increase confidence in the person, attract money, bring luck and bring success to the wearer. Why Garnet Gives Success in Business The major planetary lords of garnet are Mars and Rahu. Mars is the god of luck and wealth and Rahu is the planet of sudden success. Rahu is related to lottery, speculation, share market etc. Therefore, wearing garnet gives fast benefits in all these works. To be successful in business, it is also necessary to have auspicious Mars along with Mercury in the birth chart of the person. The second house of the horoscope is the place of wealth, if there is Mars in this place, then it is definitely advised to wear garnet so that the effect of wealth can increase more. Benefits of Wearing Garnet Wearing Garnet increases the internal energy, it keeps the wearer full of confidence. In ancient times, garnets were worn by kings and emperors to keep away negative energies. Wearing garnet removes blood related disorders. By purifying the blood, it keeps the body energetic, radiant. Therefore, it is advisable to wear garnet even in skin related diseases. Garnet is directly related to business. Garnet should be worn in silver ring for success in business. Traders should keep at least 10 grams of garnet in the safe of their workplace. Garnet is worn for success in stock market, satta, lottery. It protects against the ups and downs of the stock market. If the damage is being done, then its quantity becomes very less. The attraction effect of the garnet wearer becomes tremendous. Garnet also works to boost love and relationship. It cleans the aura of the person. Due to this, many types of diseases are automatically removed.

Wear Garnet

People who mostly stay on tour. Those doing touring jobs should wear garnets. It protects while traveling. Garnet should be worn especially by those people who have unknown fear in their mind, who always feel insecure, have a sense of insecurity.

When and how to wear Garnet’s basic metal is silver. It can be worn as a silver ring, bracelet or pendant. If you are making a ring then wear it in your ring finger. If you are wearing a pendant, then the length of its chain should be such that it should be slightly above the heart. The best days to wear Garnet are Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday. It is better if there is Shukla Paksha of any month and there is Pushya Nakshatra. On a certain day, wash the garnet with Gangajal and wear it with the blessings of your Ishta Dev or Guru Dev. What precautions should be taken before wearing Garnet, show your horoscope to an knowledgeable astrologer. Buy Garnet from a trusted person. Do not take scratched, broken, cracked garnet. After wearing the garnet, take it out before sleeping at night and put it in a glass of water. Because garnet absorbs negative energy throughout the day, it is necessary to clean it.

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