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In Vedic astrology, the White Topaz Stone is know as the gemstone of the planet Venus and is a gemstone of Taurus and Libra. White Topaz is said to be the jewel that provides material pleasure, art, and love. Its effect brings material prosperity, success in artistic works, and sweetness in marriage and love affairs. White Topaz stone benefits is consider highly beneficial for those involved in the fashion industry, art, singing, and other creative industries. The white topaz ring is also beneficial for health. From the medical point of view, it is also considered good for the urinary system and fertility. It is considered good to wear a white topaz in a silver ring. Apart from this, it can also be worn in gold or a Panchadhatu ring. White topaz should be worn in the morning on the Friday of the Shukla Paksha.

Clarity, shape, and quality are the measure of the quality of this gem. It is shiny, flat, and monochromatic as it is good.

Astroeshop provides you with 100% original and genuine white topaz stone. This stone is rare, please beware to have a fake one. Because it will definitely not gives you a result. So before purchasing it from anyone, please check it at once. Astroeshop provides you with energize stone, only energize stone can give you the desire result, and helps you to solve your problem. If you still have any queries. You can ask the world’s best astrologer Acharya Indu Prakash Ji. Astroeshop helps you to arrange an appointment with Acharya Ji.

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The white topaz stone is a colourless semiprecious stone that has significance in Vedic astrology. This is the birthstone of Gemini. In Vedic astrology, it was seem as the jewel of the planet Venus and the zodiac of Taurus and Libra. Safed Pukhraj is a luxury, art, and love giver.

Benefits of White Topaz Stone

  • This gem is related to the planet Venus, so wearing it, love, passion, art, and luxury are include in life. Convinces and realizes prosperity. This gem should be wear by those who are associate with the fashion industry, art, singing, and other creative fields.
  • Safed Pukhraj fills life with luxury. They get all the comforts and servants, big cars, big cars. It is also very beneficial for health, they are very beneficial for the urinary system and reproductive health.
  • If the girls are unable to get marry or are having difficulty in marriage, if such girls wear the white topaz stone benefits, then the marriage ends soon.
  • For those who have a lack of happiness in children and husbands, happiness is attain by wearing the topaz gems. Wearing Pukhraj Gems calms many types of physical, mental, intellectual, and divine deflections.

Method to wear 

After receiving the white topaz ring, immerse it in Ganga water or raw lassi in a bowl for 24 to 48 hours before wearing it. You can make raw lassi by adding half of the water to raw milk, but keep in mind that the milk must be raw, ie this milk is not boiling. On the day of wearing the gemstone, after getting up in the morning and taking a bath, it should be wear. Chant Mool Mantra, Beej Mantra, or Veda Mantra 108 times related to the planet related to the gemstone. After this, remove the ring from the bowl and hold it on your finger.

Which finger should be worn with a white topaz ring

The man should wear the white topaz ring gemstone in the right hand and the woman in the left hand. If a person works with a particular left hand, or a woman works like a man. Then a woman should wear a gem in the left hand and a man in the right hand. It is best to wear diamond and emerald on the small finger, ruby ​​in pearl, pearl, coral, and garlic in saffron, sapphire on the middle finger, and topaz on an onyx and index finger.

If you have any other problems in life and want to consult, with the world’s best astrologer Acharya Indu Prakash Ji. Astroeshop helps you to arrange an appointment with Acharya Ji.

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