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Saturn is the only planet in the Navagrahas from which every person is afraid. Hearing the name of Saturn’s half-century, the sweat of the good ones are left, and then to appease Shani, the person takes a variety of remedies with the advice of many astrologers, scholars. One of these remedies is to wear Sapphire, the gemstone of Saturn. But sometimes it turns upside down instead of the sapphire gain.

The reason for this is that the position of Saturn in the horoscope is not properly assessed or the fraction of planets in the horoscope is not accurately determined. Which person will benefit and which loss of Sapphire depends a lot on how much Sapphire has been worn and it is determined by looking at the degrees of Saturn in the horoscope. Apart from this, it is also necessary to study the position of Saturn, Lagna, Lagna, and maha Dasha along with other planets.

In astrology, when a planet shows adverse effects in one’s horoscope, then there are problems in that person’s life such as sickness, loss of money, mental disturbance, failure, and family strife, etc. In astrology, it is advisable to wear many gems to reduce the negative effects of planets and to do them in your favor. One of the gems is Sapphire.

Gemstone works properly only when it is energized under the guidance of an expert. Astroeshop provides you 100% original and genuine product. It is energized by the world’s best astrologer Acharya Indu Prakash Ji.

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According to astrology, the Sapphire gem is related to Saturn. Not everyone can wear Sapphire’s favorite gemstone Sapphire like this. According to Astrology, when Neelam gives positive results to a person, then in a few days it makes that person full of pleasures and opulence and also makes the person beggar if it comes to give bad effect. Therefore, the sapphire gem should be worn after careful examination. Let’s know some information about Neelam Ratna.

What is Sapphire? Neelam is also called Neelasam, Neel Ratna, Shaniratna, or Shanipriya. In English, it is called Blue Sapphire, and in Persian Yakut Kabud. It is a gem of the Kuruvind caste. Earlier the blue gemstone was considered to be Sapphire, but nowadays many varieties of Sapphire are available. Such as yellow sapphire, green sapphire. Amethyst is usually found in colorless, pink, orange, yellow, green, purple, and black colors. White stripes are also seen in a sapphire. The best-of-class sapphire is found in India, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka. The sapphire stock in India is in Kashmir. The color of Sapphire is considered important. Depending on the color, sapphires are of two types – Indranil, which has a blue sky color, and Jalanil, which has the color of seawater.

If inauspicious Saturn is in the horoscope of 21 to 29 degrees of inauspicious Saturn, if inauspicious Saturn remains 11 to 20 degrees, then you should wear a sapphire of 11 rattis. One should buy this sapphire in the fourth phase of Shravan Nakshatra, in the first phase of Dhanishtha, inlay it in jewelry, and in the second phase. If the inauspicious Saturn is between 21 to 29 degrees of the zodiac, then wearing three sapphires of sapphire is effective. It is auspicious to buy this sapphire in the first phase of Bhadra Paksha Nakshatra and wear it in the third phase by wearing it in the third phase. When and how to wear Sapphire, wearing sapphire has a special effect according to the position or position of Saturn in the horoscope. It is believed about Shani that he takes pleasure in what he pleases, and he is not left behind in ruining the one who is enraged.

How to wear Sapphire

Before wearing all gems, it is necessary to purify them. If you are wearing Sapphire, then on Saturday morning, after bathing in the morning, please do daily worship. After that put the sapphire in a vessel and wash it with Ganges water, raw milk. Wipe it with a clean cloth and keep it on a black or blue cloth and wear a garland of Shani Mantra Om Shan Shanashishrai Namah.

If you want to consult anything else with Acharya Indu Prakash Ji, you can contact us. We will help you to arrange an appointment with Acharya Ji.



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