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Baby Good Time


Introducing Baby Good Time by Astroeshop! We understand that as a parent, you want to ensure that every moment in your baby’s life is filled with positivity and auspiciousness. That’s why we’ve created a service that provides you with all the good times (muhurat) for your baby’s important events like their birth, naming ceremony, first solid food feeding, and more. Our expert astrologers meticulously analyze the position of celestial bodies and suggest the best muhurat for your baby’s special moments. With Baby Good Time by Astroeshop, you can rest assured that your little one’s life is full of good luck and prosperity. Try it now and give your baby the best possible start in life!

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Baby Good Time: Brings Luck Home

Baby Good Time: Astroeshop provides you with all the good times (muhurta) for your baby in Soft Copy. Astroeshop provides you with all the information related to your baby’s luck Alphabet, Number, Rudraksha, Stone and Color for your baby. we are thankful to you for giving us this opportunity to share this with you

Annaprashan Ceremony

Annaprashan Recurrence – Procedure, Pooja Vidhanam, Significance by Astroeshop for Baby Good Time.

Right Time For Annaprashan 

It is serried in consultation with a priest who selects a refreshing stage when the child is five to eight months old.

Annaprashan is Puja?

The recurrence is a Puja (Hinduism) follow by rice feeding.

What is the procedure for Annaprasana?

The Annaprashan recurrence starts with the victual stuff seat on his maternal uncle’s lap, who is suppose to requite him his first solid bite. Aer the victual eats the inial serving, the other family members feed him increasing supplies and shower him with gifts.

Annaprashan Vidhi: “Here, the ritual steps for this ceremony”

Patra Pujan (worshipping the supplies utensil)/Anna Sanskar (preparation of the first meal)

Vishesh Ahu (holy sacrifices to the fire)/Kheer Prashan (feeding of the child)


All well-nigh Mundan recurrence by Astroeshop

What is the process of mundan?

Mundan is shaving off a baby’s first hair or the lineage hair. Muslims to shave or trim the baby’s hair and some Sikhs perform the kesar dahi ceremony. This is wash up by pung curd in the hair of the newborn victual boy. Among Hindus, the mundan is perform during the first or third year of a child’s life.

What should be unromantic on the throne without Mundan?

The throne is cleanse with holy water without the mundan ceremony. Without that, turmeric and sandalwood paste are unromantic to repair the cuts produce by the process.

Which day is good for mundan?

Here we are providing you best date me and muhurta for your baby Auspicious Day & Date Mundan Muhurat Timings Nakshatra are very important for the baby astroeshop is very thankful to you for giving me this opportunity to share this Date, Time and Nakshatra with you.


How was Karnavedha perform and its importance by Astroeshop?

Karnavedha is well-consider to perform on refreshing muhurat without worshipping the deities. It is said to be perform by making the child sit in the direction of the sunlight. The refreshing is to perform the Karnavedha muhurat during the odd years of the child’s age.

Which day is good for ear piercing?

The ninth rite of the 16 ceremonies to be perform in Hinduism is the Karnaveedha rite (ear-piercing). Usually, this ritual is perform on the 12th or 13th day of lineage or when the child turns 6 or 7 months old or in the 5th or 7th year.

What are the advantages of ear piercing?

5 Health Benefits of Ear Piercings

  • Conch: Helps with relaxation and Chronic Pain. The piercing associate with the inside corner of your ear helps relieve any chronic pain, such as the spinal and lower back.
  • Rook: Digeson and Menstrual.
  • Tragus: Appete Control.
  • Helix: Insomnia.
  • Death: Migraine Relief.


Who will do cradle(Dolarohana) recurrence by Astroeshop?

What is meant by cradle ceremony?

On the 16th day, the victual is officially place in the cradle and given a name. The women in the family place the victual inside, sing prayers and songs and waddle the baby. They perform a pooja, or prayer ceremony, to cleanse the house. Are that, the mom and victual can leave the house.

Who will do the cradle ceremony for Baby Good Time?

Typically, a priest is invite to perform the recurrence at home, who finds the child’s lunar horoscope from his lineage details, as the mother is still recovering at home with the child. It is moreover know as Machabu Byakegu in Newari. It takes place on the 11th day. Barasala (or) Namakarana Dolarohana (or) Naam Karan is a traditional recurrence of naming newborn victual among Hindu communities of India.

Which day is good for the cradle ceremony?

Astroeshop helps you to find a Shubh Muhurat for Namkaran in 2022 and requite your file love a sweet name.


What is Nishkramana Samskara for Baby Good Time?

Nishkramana Samskara is the 6th recurrence which is conduct amongst the 16 popular ceremonious rituals conduct in the meline of an individual equal to Hindu beliefs. It is wash up immediately without naming the child i.e. Namakarana Samskara.

What happens in Nishkramana?

The child is brought by a nurse, and the recurrence ends when the father makes the child squint at the sun with the sound of the conch shell and the chanting of Vedic hymns. Equal to the Manusmri (II. 34), in the fourth month without birth, the Nishkramana of the child should be perform.

How is Pumsavana perform?

The ritual is perform in diverse ways, but all involve the husband serving something to the expectant wife. In one version, she is feed a paste mixture of yoghurt, milk and ghee (clarified butter) by him.


How do you perform vidyarambham by Astroeshop for Baby Good Time?

Vidyarambham Recurrence begins with wring ‘Om Hari Sree Ganapathye Namaha’, in a tray which is fill with rice. Usually, the alphabetize finger of the child is held and he/she is made to write this mantra (usually in Malayalam).

This mantra is written on sand and rice.

What is vidyarambham ceremony?

Vidyarambham (Sanskrit: िवारभम्) is a Hindu tradition, which introduces young children to the world of knowledge, leers, and the process of learning. This recurrence can be perform for a child between the age of 2-5 years.

What do we do in vidyarambham?

On the day of Vidyarambham, devotees worship Lord Vishnu, Goddess Saraswati and Lord Ganesha. If you want the mings to contact us on 997100226

What is meant by vidyarambham?

Vidyarambham is a Hindu tradition, which introduces young children to the world of knowledge, leers, and the process of learning. This recurrence can be perform for a child between the age of 2-5 years.

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