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If you wear this stone, there will be no effect of aging, you will remain young forever

If you wear this stone, there will be no effect of aging, you will remain young forever

The world of gems is also very strange and wondrous. In this ocean of hundreds of thousands of gems, there are many gems or stones that do not allow any effect of increasing age on man. One such stone is Copper Rutile Quartz. Copper rutile is classified as a rare stone. It is found in places like Kazakhstan, Australia, Madagascar, Norway, South America but it is also available in very small quantities there. It is also called copper hair rutile because this transparent stone has slanted lines like fine wires of copper which appear as thin as hairs.

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Stay Young Forever There are many benefits to wearing Copper Rutile Quartz. The first and biggest advantage is that the effect of aging is not visible at all on the person who wears it. The person wearing it does not get wrinkles on the skin, hair does not turn white and a glow remains on the face. With this, the dark circles under the eyes are eliminated and a person of 60 years also looks like a youth. Wearing it keeps the skin tight and glowing. If this stone is worn at a young age, then its benefits are more visible.

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Positive energy will remain, always positive energy remains in the mind and mind of the wearer of Copper Rutile Quarts. Such fertility comes in his thoughts that whatever he thinks he thinks in the right direction. His decisions are never wrong. By wearing it, spiritual energy is transmitted in the person. His mind becomes creative. It absorbs all the negative energy in the body. This gives a person a different level of energy. People associated with creative fields like writing, film making, fashion designing, jewelry designing and art-culture must wear a garland of copper rutile quartz beads. Wearing this stone brings new strength in the genitals of men and women. It strengthens the reproductive system. It strengthens the confidence by bringing out the hidden talent of the person.

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Who can wear this stone can be worn by any person. According to western astrology, those born between July 22 and August 21 should wear it especially. It can be worn as a ring, pendant, bracelet and garland. However, the maximum effect is achieved by wearing it in the form of a garland near the throat and heart. This stone balances all the seven chakras from Mooladhara to Sahasrar, so wearing it automatically removes many physical problems.

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