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Chandra Yantra: Chandra Yantra increases self-confidence by removing mental stress

Chandra Yantra: Chandra Yantra increases self-confidence by removing mental stress

Chandra Yantra increases self-confidence by removing mental stress

These days due to corona virus, there is fear, mental stress, uncertainty about job and business in the minds of people. Due to this their confidence has also decreased. Many people’s mental condition has deteriorated so much that they have to seek the advice of psychiatrists. To avoid all this, an astrological remedy can prove to be very effective. This is the establishment of wearing of Chandra Yantra.

The effect of the moon falls on the mind, among the nine planets, the moon is the fastest moving planet. It changes its zodiac every one and a half days. Moon has a profound effect on the human mind and brain. Hence it has an important place in the birth chart. It is a factor of the mind. Therefore it controls the mind, intelligence, temperament, diseases, uterus, etc. along with human emotions. If the Moon is weak in the horoscope, then such problems have to be faced.

Benefits of Chandra Yantra :

Benefits of This Yantra can also be worn as a pendant around the neck or can be installed as a Yantra in the place of worship. Regular worship of Chandra Yantra gives many benefits. Establishment of Chandra Yantra by worshiping it gives peace to the mind and keeps mental health strong. Wearing Chandra Yantra enhances the personality. Depression, stress, mental illnesses can be avoided to a great extent by strengthening the Moon through Chandra Yantra.

It improves your relation with mother. A weak moon causes cold, cough, lung and respiratory diseases. These diseases can being avoid by wearing Chandra Yantra. Chandra Yantra gives benefits to those doing business with foreign countries. Students who dream of studying abroad or job, they should also wear this. It adds to the artistry. Those doing creative work should worship it. It is more beneficial for Cancer zodiac and Cancer ascendant.

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How to do Establishment In any auspicious time, establish the Chandra Yantra at the place of worship of the house. Light incense and lamps in front of it. Now worship the moon along with your Ishta Dev and pray to him to shower blessings on you and your family. Light a lamp of ghee by sprinkling Gangajal.

If you are wearing a Chandra Yantra as a pendant, then wear it in a silver chain on the Monday of Shukla Paksha of any month. Moon Yantra Establishment Method: After waking up early in the morning on the Monday of Shukla Paksha, after bathing, keep the yantra in front and chant the Chandra’s Beej Mantra Om Shram Shree Shrun Sah Chandraya Swahah for 11 or 21 times. Sprinkle Gangajal on the yantra, wishing to get the best results from the moon god, install it at the specified place. If you want, you can wear the Chandra Yantra in the wallet and around the neck as well. Worship this Yantra regularly. Regularly bathe the yantra with pure water.

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