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How to get positive energy of planets without gems

How to get positive energy of planets without gems

How to get positive energy of planets without gems

Numerology is a form of astrology. In this, each planet is associated with each number from 1 to 9 and according to that planet, the behavior and personality of the person concerned is decided. These numbers also show us the way to be successful in future. Whether it is a matter of career or other things in life, these numbers decide our personality according to their nature. With these numbers, the energy of the planets associated with them is also associated, which can be used at the right time to fill life with positive energy. By understanding this energy, working according to it and taking energy from it, we can also change our nature and get better position in career. There is no need to wear any gemstone to get this energy, the energy of the planets can be absorbed by taking measures related to them.

positive energy of planets without gems

Bhagyank For this, your destiny number is needed. A single digit is obtained by adding the complete date of birth of a person, it is Bhagyank. To calculate the Bhagyank, the date of birth, month of birth and year of birth are added. If the date of birth of a person is January 3, 2001, then to calculate the Bhagyank, a single digit is obtained by adding 3, 1, 2001. For this date of birth it will be single digit 7. i.e. this person’s fortune number is 7, so he has to see the result according to number 7. Take these measures according to Bhagyank Bhagyank 1 is a symbol of Sun. Those whose fate number is one, they should see the sun daily, offer Arghya, sit in the light of the sun and think that just as the sun gives light to everyone, that light is also illuminating us from within and outside. This thing shows a positive effect by sitting in the subconscious mind.

Moon’s light Lucky Number 2 is a symbol of the moon. A person with this number should sit in the light of the moon for some time on a full moon night and think positively. Feel the moon light entering into them and taking out all their negative energy.

Lucky Number 3 is related to Jupiter. People with this number should not do wrong company. Increase your reading habit. Like a guru, you should also think that the interests of others should be there and with their progress, you should also move forward.

Lucky Number 4 is related to Rahu. Worship Ganesha with this number. While having darshan of Ganeshji, feel that like Ganeshji, wisdom, accomplishment is also coming to you.

Lucky Number 5 is the number of Mercury. It speaks of permanence and intelligence. To experience the positive energy of this planet, eat more green things in the food and plant such plants which have a long life like elder, peepal etc. So that as they grow, give people shade and oxygen. May you keep getting positive energy too.

positive energy of planets without gems

Lucky Number 6 is the number of Venus and it is considered to be a female dominant planet. Such people keep women happy, give respect. His blessings and prayers will carry you forward. The positive energy of Venus is obtained by giving gifts to small girls from time to time.

Worship Ganesha Lucky Number 7 is the number of Ketu. Such people believe in the heart more than the mind. You worship Lord Ganesha and if your mind turns towards spirituality, then adopt it.

Lucky Number 8 is the number of Saturn. It talks about doing karma by staying in discipline. Such people should not hurt their subordinates and give people their hard earned money.

Lucky Number 9 is the number of Mars. Such people are quick to anger. Include cold foods in food, always sit and drink water calmly. Whenever you feel angry, drink water slowly.

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