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Myth and Facts about Vedic Astrology

Myth and Facts about Vedic Astrology

Facts about Vedic astrology

The horoscope of man is very mysterious. Understanding its language requires hard work and in-depth study. Many astrologers make statements after seeing fat things which are never correct. Many things have been written in the scriptures related to Vedic astrology, but if a person having general knowledge of astrology also understands these things, then he can easily analyze any horoscope in an accurate way.

In the Mahadasha of any planet, the Antardasha of the same planet does not give favorable results. In the mahadasha of a benefic planet, the antardasha of a malefic or malefic planet gives auspicious results in the beginning and inauspicious in the latter half. If the lord of the ninth house of fortune is sitting in the house of luck and the Guru’s vision is there, then the person is very lucky. If the lord of the Ascendant is sitting with the Sun in any house, then it is particularly auspicious. The result of the house in which the set planet is sitting or the house in which it is the ruler remains zero during the time of the planet. If the Sun is exalted i.e. Aries and is sitting in the eleventh house, then such a person is very influential, wealthy, and famous. If any planet is sitting in its own zodiac except Sun and Moon, then it also increases the effectiveness of its other zodiac. In comparison to the planet which is sitting in any house, the effect of the planet which is seeing that house is more. For example, if Mars is sitting in the second place, but there is a vision of Jupiter at that place, then the effect of Jupiter will be more. The planet becomes more powerful when it is retrograde and gives special results to the house in which it is the lord. If benefic planets are sitting in the trial, 6th, 8th, 12th of the horoscope, then it gives auspicious results to the triad. If malefic planets are sitting, they give bad effects. In the triangle house or the lord of the triangle house, the malefic planet also starts giving auspicious results. If the same planet is the lord of two centers of the horoscope, then it is not auspicious. The first, fourth, seventh, and tenth houses are the center places. Saturn and Rahu are called dissecting planets. The house in which these planets are in will cause separation, separation in the respective fruit. If it is in the third place, then it breaks relations with brothers and sisters. Rahu and Ketu become the lords of the sign of the house in which they sit and adopt the qualities of the planet with which they sit. Rahu and Ketu give sudden results. Good or bad come suddenly. The planet with which Ketu is sitting increases the effect of that planet. The presence of malefic planets in the 3rd, 6th, and 11th houses is auspicious. If Saturn is sitting alone in the fourth house, then the old age of that person is painful.

  • You need your exact time of birth for an accurate chart

Whether you are using a convenient online astrology horoscope, such as getting an in-person consultation, you should check with your parents or birth records. For all these things it is necessary to provide the proper time of birth, only then the correct information can be obtained.

  • You can get different paths from the signs of the zodiac.

On the basis of your date of birth, you can get the path of success with the signs of the zodiac. This is actually your sun sign. But there are many others, including another 12 different “house cusps” for each planet.

The above sun signs used when interpreting the three people that represent your personality are the rising (“ascendant” and “first house cusp”) sign and also known as the moon sign.

1. Your Rising Sign identifies your personality.

In other words, according to astrology, this sign is what determines the type of the first impression you make on others, or the “mask” that we put on ourselves in public.

2. Your Sun Sign Inspires Your Goals

With its connection to your heart, astrology describes what drives your soul and ego. Essentially, it drives one to reach one’s aspirations.

3. Your Moon Sign Represents Your Emotions

Astrology says it is an indicator of how our mood swings and clashes with our instincts, from stone stoics to hand-wringing concerns.


It is written in the Gita that this world is an upside-down tree. Its roots are above and branches are below. If you want to ask and pray, you have to do it above, nothing will be found below. Man’s mind is his roots. In the same way, this astrology is also a larger science, which is difficult to understand and explain. Here we are not opposing the science of astrology, because we consider it to be a science. That is why it is necessary that the dust should be cleared from this science.

At present, many different forms of astrology have become prevalent. Now there will be few knowledgeable people of this knowledge and many who will get money from this knowledge, who do more work to mislead and intimidate people by giving arbitrary measures. Certainly, the reputation of astrology has fallen because of this. Many such films and serials have been made in which astrology or this science has been ridiculed. Due to these things, a misconception about astrology has developed among the common people. Religion has to suffer the most. Astrology and religion are different. When a person does worship or prayer, it is a part of religion and not astrology.

Does the question arise whether your real life is destroyed by the concept of astrology? Are you not practical? You keep thinking that right now my time is not going well, right now the mahadasha of Rahu or Shani is going on and everything is becoming inauspicious due to Mangal dosha. The peace of Mars has to be done. Surely God or God is more than the planets and constellations. There is no place for astrology in the life of a person who believes in God. Astrology or religion says that if your karma is good, then it will be good. The principle of karma has to be understood. There are many types of deeds. The dream you are dreaming or sleeping in deep sleep is also your karma.

Astrology turning life in a negative direction :

  • If the girl having a Mangal, then tell the remedy? If you are not getting the properties or pulse, then tell the remedy? Such questions are frequently asked at present. Earlier it was such that if a girl or a boy has Mars, they used to find Mars for her. If you are not getting the qualities, you used to look for another relationship. But at present, remedies are given, due to which some relationships happen. However, even today there are many such boys and girls, who have become older and are still mixing Mars and virtues. Due to such perceptions of society, now the practice of love marriage has increased a step ahead of asking for the remedy, but the risk has also increased in it. Most of the love marriages have failed. However, it may not be the fault of any horoscope. But from all these things it emerges that a person has definitely become confused due to astrology. It has definitely had an impact on his natural and real life.
  • If a person is intimidating people through astrology, then society will deviate from the path of Vedokta God by becoming a victim of indolence and scarcity and it has to be said that he has gone astray. There are many aspects to this disorientation, one of which is that he believes in astrology more than God, God, or himself. Fearing the planets and constellations, he also starts worshiping or praying to them. He does his every work after seeing the Lagna, muhurta, or date and remains full of doubts about whether or not that work will be done. In such a situation, his present, real-life and opportunities are lost. A person remains in a state of indecision throughout his life. A decisions person lacks self-confidence. Decision power is in him, who uses knowledge and information from his thinking to understand right and wrong.

Astrology makes man fearful

  • If anything is happening in life, then it is believed that it is a game of all the planets and constellations. An example is also given that even Lord Rama could not escape from the rotation of planets and constellations. Ram went into exile, it was only because of the planets. Although no one thinks that there were other reasons for Shri Ram’s exile. This thing is accepted blindly because you do not have the data to prove that some people have got the royal palace, not exile, in the condition of these planets and constellations. No one thinks that Lord Krishna had governed not only his own life but also the lives of all the people around him. It should be said that he was the one who composed the entire Mahabharata story. No planet or constellation had any role in this. The astrology of the present is intimidating astrology from the planets and constellations. Those who believe in Vedas, Ishvara, and Karma are not afraid of anyone.
  • There is a feeling of doubt and distrust in the minds of many people nowadays about astrology, which is due to the prevailing astrology and the business being done about it. Astrologers in TV channels are creating fear and confusion in society by talking about astrology. This is the reason that doubts have started arising in the minds of many people regarding astrology, which is also justified. At present, astrology is in the midst of controversies and the reason for this is those astrologers, who are telling people’s concocted future or are scaring people with planets and constellations. What to say about timid people, they will be scared of anything.

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