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How to get Janam Kundli or a birth chart?

every person needs Janam Kundli at some point in their life. Kundli is prepared according to the position of the planet at the time of birth of a person. Through which the data of good and bad events that will happen in the future is prepared. Therefore Janam Kundli is very important for a person. Whenever we need a birth chart. So we have to go to any pandit or astrologer near us. And from that, you have to make your Janam Kundli.

We all are curious to know about what is going to happen in our life but we cannot predict these things. We all must have heard about the birth chart and through this, we can know the present and future of any person. We are not God, so whatever has to happen with whoever is going to happen, but we can prepare ourselves in advance to fight with him. From the birth chart, we can know about the position of the planet and its effect and can also enable ourselves to fight against it in the coming times.

It is through the birth chart that the defects caused by the planet in a person are known. Many times people also do puja etc. to avoid the defects found in their birth chart. By looking at the horoscope of the boy and Girl even in marriage, the qualities between them can be known. Horoscope is very important in our Hindu culture and even today people believe a lot in it.

What is Janam Kundli?

Janam Kundli is one such astrological chart. Which is divided into 12 houses by combining different signs and planets. This chart starts from the first house leading. And the rest of the houses are numbered counter-clockwise. These houses define the position and astrological aspects of the person.

Each house divided into 12 houses in the birth chart represents a particular possibility of life. This possibility – career, relationship, money is of other kinds. Along with this, by looking at Janam Kundli, the future of any person can be estimated. Based on the position of the planets, the zodiac signs keep changing in the birth chart.

How to get Janam Kundli?

Janam Kundli can give information about the present, future, and past of any person. The birth chart is made on the basis of our date, time, and place of birth. In earlier times, as soon as the child was born, people used to get the horoscope made by telling the exact birth time, date, name, etc. to the pandit. Even today people go to the astrologer for horoscopes. If people go to the astrologer, then they also tell all the defects hidden in the horoscope and its remedies.

Nowadays, there are a lot of time constraints on the people and also not all are able to pay the fees of the astrologer. There are many types of applications in mobile, through which you can get the birth chart made by giving all the information. There is much software also available through which you can get your birth chart made easily and in less money.

Today there are many such mobile applications where you can get your birth chart made for free. The horoscope which is made in all these ways is also done by the astrologer, so you can trust them. All such applications or astrologer birth charts are made on the basis of the information given by you and hence you should always give correct details.

How to make a birth chart online?

If you have to make the birth chart of yourself or any member of your family or any other person. So you can make a birth chart online using your mobile. Creating an online birth chart will save you both time and money. To make a birth chart online from mobile, you have to follow the easy steps mentioned below

To get the birth chart done online, you have to first go to If you want, you can go directly to that page by clicking here.

Benefits of the birth chart

Bad days come in everyone’s life but very few people can muster the courage to face them. By Janam Kundli, you already have information so that you can make yourself strong.

Many times you also get information about the upcoming calamities and diseases through the birth chart, so that you become alert.

You can also find your suitable life partner on the basis of your birth chart. The horoscopes of both the boy and the girl are matched so that information about the compatibility between them can be obtained.

If there is any defect in your horoscope due to which you are unable to reach your goal despite hard work, then on the basis of the horoscope you can bring its redressal.

Many people do not believe in the horoscope today, but the information in a properly prepared horoscope is based on your planet and constellation. If you go to an astrologer, then keep in mind that they should have complete knowledge of astrology who have experience in making horoscopes.

Why is paid kundli better than free online kundli?

 Even if you get Kundli made online by application or software, believe it only after thorough research. Janam Kundli acts as a guide in your life and hence it should be believed and not superstitious.

We advise you to get your Janam kundli from the best astrologer. I am sharing a link by which you will land on a direct page. World best astrologer Acharya Indu Prakash Ji will make your kundli. He provides you 98% appropriate Kundli.

Paid kundli is much better than free online, online free kundli will not provide you with the appropriate information, it might prove you wrong. But in paid kundli, the best astrologer makes your whole kundli with complete research.

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