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Know Your Janam Kundli Online by Date of Birth and Time


Janam Kundli is considered to be of special importance in Hindu religion, because, immediately after the birth of the child, his horoscope is first made along with the time of birth of the child, which is the most important for his life. According to the belief, the fate of a person is determined before his birth and after birth this fortune is linked with the horoscope in the form of horoscope. That’s why most of the people go to an astrologer at the time of the birth of their child and get their horoscope made, but people are not able to see their horoscope by themselves, for which they go to any astrologer, they can see your horoscope and get your luck. Gives information about the subject, in return for which we have to donate something in the form of money.

How many types of Janam Kundli are offered by Astroeshop

There are three types of Janam Kundli. Every person has two main desires in life. One, they should have a lot of money and secondly, they should always remain healthy. People keep trying day and night to get these two priceless things. But both of them are rarely able to come together.

In such a juggling life everyone desires to earn money. A person reduces his attention to his health and one day suddenly a big disease comes in front of him. And your hard-earn money will start being spend on your treatment of the disease. Therefore, a person needs to take care of health along with earning money.

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Astroeshop Health Janam Kundli

When a person suffers from a disease, then he reaches doctors as well as astrologers with his Janam kundli to know when he will be cure. With the help of astrology, you will get an answer to every question of your problem. One such model is Prashna Kundli. Many people do not have their own Janam Kundli. Because they don’t have accurate information of their birth, in such a situation their assistant becomes Prashna Kundli.

Prashna Kundli is when the person asking the question reaches an astrologer to get the answer to his question and the Janam kundli is prepare based on the time of asking the questioner. The Janam kundli is prepare at the exact time at which the question is ask and the answer is given based on that.

Janam Kundli| Astroeshop Janam Kundli|

Astroeshop Health Janam Kundli based on Ascendant Result statement’s Question

1. If there is a malefic planet Mars, Saturn in the first house or Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu in the ascendant of the question chart, or if there is Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu in the ascendant and if there is a moon or any malefic planet in the eighth house, then there is less chance of the patient getting healthy. And suffers death.

 2. If the malefic planets are in the 8th or 12th house and the Moon is in the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th house in the question-lag chart, then the patient dies soon. If the Moon is in the first position, the Sun is in the seventh position and Mars is in the aspect of the Moon in Aries, then the patient does not get well.

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Knowing the duration of the disease according to the constellation, based on the constellation, the patient’s recovery or not can be ascertain.

For this, it is necessary to see when the person’s disease started. That is, when did he get into trouble for the first time? The condition of the patient is told based on the constellation that was there at that time.

1. The person who has a disease related to Swati, Jyestha, Poorvashadha, Poorvabhadrapada, Poorvaphalguni, Ardra, and Ashlesha may die.

2. If the disease is detect in Revati and Anuradha in the person, then the disease persists for a long time and goes away after giving a lot of pain.

3. If there is a disease in Bharani, Shravan, Satabhisha, and Chitra, the disease remains for 11 days.

4. If it is in Visakha, Hasta, and Dhanishta, then the disease remains for 15 days.

5. The disease occurring in Mool , Kritika and Ashwini disturbs them for nine days.

6. If it is in Magha, then for 7 days and if Mrigashira is in Uttarashada, then the disease persists for a month.

7. The disease in other constellations that have survived goes away quickly.

8. In Bharani, Ashlesha, Mool, Kritika, Vishakha, Ardra and Magha Nakshatra, if someone gets a snake cart, he dies.

Astroeshop Financial Kundli

Earning money and securing the future of your family is one of the prime objectives of life. Many people do jobs and many businesses. You will earn money through some path in life, it is written in your Astroeshop Janam Kundli.

You will do a job or business, it can be find out by looking at the Janam kundli. Mercury is the representative planet of business. By looking at the good and bad position of Mercury, it is known what kind of business you will do. The tenth place in the birth chart is the place of action. Therefore, the business of a person is done according to the qualities and nature of the planet which is situate in the tenth house.

Astroeshop Financial Kundli includes each and everything related to the financial condition of your life. Let us know what happens according to the planets in the tenth house.

The most powerful planets

If there is more than one planet in the tenth house, then the person’s business will done according to the most powerful planet. If there is no planet in the tenth house, then the business will done according to the lord of the tenth house. According to the planets with which the tenth lord is in, a person does business. Business will done for the planets which have aspects in the tenth house. Ascendant also affects business and business.

Business will done according to the planets which are situated with the Sun

The planet which is situate with the Sun also shows its effect on business. The eleventh house or eleventh house, where it is situate, benefits from the direction of that zodiac. Whether a business will be successful in the partnership or not, it is consider from the seventh house and private business is consider from the tenth house. If the position of Mercury related houses and houses is favourable, then there is profit in business. The relation of Mercury with the tenth house leads the person towards business.

Ascendant and Bhagyesh should not be in the eighth house

  • If there is no planet in the 6th, 8th and 12th house and if it is in self or exalted zodiac, then the person becomes a big businessman by his efforts. Ascendant and Bhagyesh should not be in the eighth.
  • If Saturn is not in the tenth or eighth, then the person alone becomes a business leader.
  • If Mercury, Venus, Moon are in a second or twelfth position from each other, then the person takes forward his family business.

Bankrupt Yoga in Janam Kundli

The movements of the planets keep changing. They move out of one zodiac sign into the second, third, fourth, etc. Twelve signs. Accordingly, they provide their fruits. Sometimes suddenly the movement of the planets changes in such a way that the person comes straight from the billionaire to the ground. That is, he has to bear huge losses in business and he becomes insolvent. After all, what are the conditions of the planets when a person becomes bankrupt?

Definitely insolvent Yoga Janam Kundli

  • If the lord of the eighth house is in the 4th, 5th, 9th or 10th house and the lord of the ascendant is weak, then a person with such a Janam kundli is definitely bankrupt in life. He has to face severe loss in business.
  • If the benefic is in the expenditure place or the Bhagyesh and the tenth house are in the expenditure place i.e. in the twelfth house, then the sum of bankruptcy is form.
  • If Saturn is in Libra in the fifth house, then the same yoga is form.
  • Apart from this, if the second house is in the 9th, 10th, 11th house, then the person becomes bankrupt due to being extremely extravagant, but due to the presence of the second lord in the tenth house and Mars in the eleventh house, this yoga will broken.
  • Even if the Ascendant is retrograde and placed in the 6th, 8th, 12th house, the person becomes insolvent.

Astroeshop Education kundli

How yoga is being made in the field of education, know according to your Janam kundli. Man is incomplete without education. Education develops personality and at the same time increases your self-confidence. After getting education, a person focuses on his career so that he can lead a great life. It would be great if you know in advance in which field your education will take you. Let us tell you what your education says according to the Janam kundli.

1. If Venus is in the fourth house, then the person is proficient in singing and if Mercury is in the fourth house, then the person is a knower of astrology.

2. If Sun, Mercury or Rahu are situate in the fifth house, then the person is proficient in astrology and a good doctor.

3. If Sun and Mercury are situate in the second house, then the person is proficient in astrology and if there is a vision of Saturn on Sun and Mercury, then the person is well verse in mathematics.

4. If there is Sun and Mars in the second house, then the person is proficient in logic. If Saturn, Sun and Mercury are in the fifth house, then the person will be proficient in Vedanta Shastra or will be a good teacher.

5. Budhbhanu center angle is beneficial to the Ganako Bhavet. IIsthou if Bhrigu: Kavitadharmashanute”. That is, if Sun and Mercury are situate in the first, fourth, seventh, tenth or fifth, ninth and eleventh house, then a person is a Ganaka. If Venus is in the second house, then the person is a poet.

6. If Rahu is in the fifth house, then the person has the ability to know the deep feelings of others. Rahu in the fourth house gives the mother a long life.

7. Jupiter is situate in the second house in the personal area or in its exalted zodiac, then the person is a knower of Vedas and Vedanga.

8. Second lord and Jupiter are situate in the center or angle, then the person gets all kinds of knowledge and he gets respect and respect from all the people.

9. Mars in the second house makes a person proficient in logic. The moon is situate in the same second place, then the one who performs devotional sacrifices etc. is a ritualistic.

10. If Venus is in the second, then he is the one who knows poetry and ornamentation. If there is Saturn in that place, then the person is of wicked nature.

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