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You must have heard the name of Shaligram. In the Vaishnava worship system, Shaligram is considered to be the form of Lord Vishnu, but it has no less importance in Shaivite culture. Shaligram is a round black stone with strange shapes found in the Gandaki river, which is worshiped by the Vaishnav people as Vishnu. In Shaivite culture, it is believed that wherever Lord Shiva passed on the earth, all the pebbles that came under his feet, on which he was pleased, continued to grow for ages and took the form of Shaligram. That is why Shaivites consider Shaligram as Jagriti Mahadev. If Shaligram is in your house, then many precautions have to be taken, otherwise, opposite effects are also seen.


What precautions to take

First of all, if you have kept the original Shaligram in the house, then you have to make the house like a temple, that is, keep the house very pure. May the minds of those living in the house be like holy saints. Every guest who comes to the house should be treated with respect. No one goes hungry empty-handed. There should not be any kind of anger and hatred in the mind of the members of the house. Love everyone with a pure heart. Members should not dispute with each other, use abusive words.
Whatever order you have made for the worship of Shaligram. Whether it is to apply sandalwood daily, to offer flowers daily, to offer water or milk daily, that should be done according to the rules. If you make a gap for a single day, then you can get the opposite effect of Shaligram.
Shaligram should neither be taken in charity from any householder or worldly person nor should it be donated to any householder or worldly person. It would be better if you buy it only with your hard-earned money and truth. If any perfect man or saint gives you, then definitely take it.

Shaligram is an awakened Mahadev. Shaligram is an awakened Mahadev and a part of Vishnu is also included in it. If you pay attention, Shaligram keeps on increasing moment by moment. It grows to such a small extent that its increased size can be estimated only after several hundreds of years. Just as it is well known that our universe, the galaxies, is constantly expanding, so does Shaligram. So there is no doubt that it is not awakened. If you have brought the original Shaligram into the house but are not able to take care of it properly, then it will have the opposite effect. There will be some trouble going on in your family. In such a situation, Shaligram should either be thrown into the river or should be presented to a perfect saint, or kept in a temple.


Benefits of Shaligram Puja

Shaligram worship provides spiritual benefits. The person who wants to go towards spirituality wants to achieve spiritual accomplishments, he must keep Shaligram with him. If householders worship Shaligram with the desire for material progress and follow the right rules, then surely they are successful in their work. Incomparable wealth is obtained from Shaligram worship. All worldly pleasures are attained.


Many Hindus have Shaligram in their homes. It is a stone resembling Shivling which is found only on the banks of Kali Gandaki river in Muktinath, Nepal. Shivling Shiva is the deity form of Shaligram Lord Vishnu. They are very awake. It is believed that if there is Lord Shaligram in the house, it is considered a pilgrimage. In the Kartik Mahatmya of Skanda Purana, Shiva has also praised Shaligram.

There are many miraculous benefits of keeping Shaligram in the house. Lakshmi always resides in the house where Shaligram is worshipped. Worshiping Shaligram destroys the sins of all the previous births and the person remains happy from all sides, but he must follow these 5 rules, otherwise, he may be ruined. The information given here is based on the beliefs, experiences, and teachings of scholars.

  1. Keep the conduct pure: Shaligram is the biggest deity of Vaishnavism. Shaligrams are symbols of sattvikta. Special care is taken for the purity of conduct and thought in their worship. If you consume meat or alcohol then it can prove fatal for you.
  2. Daily worship: It is said that it is necessary to worship Shaligram daily except for some time. At such times there is disease, travel or menstruation etc.
  3. There should be only one Shaligram: Only one original Shaligram should be kept in the house. Many houses have many Shaligrams which is not proper.
  4. Bathing with Panchamrit: Shaligram is bathed with Panchamrit every day.
  5. Sandalwood and Tulsi: A basil leaf is placed on Shaligram by applying sandalwood. The sandalwood should also be real. Like bringing a sandalwood wood, rub it on the rock and then apply sandalwood to Shaligramji.


Why a person gets ruined:

Many scholars believe that Shaligram stone is a source of cosmic energy. This means that it is like a small galaxy. It has immense energy. Its effect lasts around the house. It is important to keep this source of energy pure and positive, but if you contaminate it in any way then surely there will be an increase in the quarrels and incidents in your house. A good life will go on the path of ruin. If you do not keep yourself away from evils like meat, alcohol, abuse, an insult to women, etc., and do not follow the above five rules, then you should not bring Shaligram into the house. Nectar and poison cannot be filled in the same bottle.

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