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Every year on December 25 the whole world celebrates Christmas Day. The celebration begins on the evening of December 24. This time celebrating Christmas day will be different. As a result of the Corona epidemic, many countries have been deployed in many lands until Christmas. At the same time, many Christmas parties have been banned for safety reasons. In that case, the color of the Christmas celebration will be different, but the Christmas celebration with friends and family will be filled with joy. The children, in particular, are excited about the Christmas celebration, because they believe that Santa will come on Christmas night and fulfill all his wishes.


Why celebrate Christmas?

Christmas supposedly commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is called God’s Son. Christmas is also called Christ. No date for Jesus’ birth is mentioned in the Bible, but Christmas is celebrated every year on December 25. There has been a lot of controversy about this day. But in 336 AD. In the Orient, during the reign of the first Christian emperor in Rome, the first Christmas was celebrated on December 25


Christmas is important for children

What makes Christmas a tradition is its customs. One of them is Santa Nicolas, who was born in Myra about 280 years after the death of Jesus Christ. He gave his whole life to Jesus. He loved helping people. That is why he often gives children gifts in the dark at night on the day of Jesus’ birth. Santa Nicholas is actually considered Santa Claus because he used to distribute gifts at night. He had helped the poor and needy throughout his life. People celebrate Christmas in their own way in different countries around the world.

Christmas festival is celebrated every year on 25 December. Especially this festival is celebrated by the people of Christianity. However, nowadays this festival is being celebrated by almost everyone. People of all religions celebrate this festival. The importance of this festival is immense. Let us know why the festival of Christmas is celebrated as well as what is its importance.


Significance of Christmas:

The importance of this festival is immense. It is said that till a few decades ago this festival was celebrated only abroad. But now the trend of this festival has become more in India too. This day holds special significance for the people of Christianity because on this day Lord Jesus was born.


History of Christmas:

According to ancient legend, Lord Jesus was born on this day. He was the one who founded Christianity. This is the reason why this day is celebrated all over the world as Christmas Day. The Lord Jesus was born to Mary. It is said that Mary had a dream in which she was predicted to give birth to Jesus, the son of the Lord.

Then Mary became pregnant. During this time, Mary had to live in Bethlehem. When the night was over, he thought of staying there. He couldn’t find a good place to stay there. In such a situation, he saw a place where people used to do animal husbandry. He decided to stay there. The very next day Mother Mary gave birth to the Lord Jesus.

According to experts, the word Christmas is derived from the word Christ. This festival was first celebrated in the world in 336 AD in Rome.

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