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prem prapti yantra

Prem Prapti Yantra

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Ketu Yantra

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Vyapar Vridhi Yantra

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You should install Vyapar Vridhi Yantra at your business. If you are losing business even after continuous hard work and you are always afraid of theft in your shop. This will not only increase your business but can also eliminate the obstacles in business, jobs, and employment. You can also use this effective and miracle device to get rid of money-related problems. According to Tantra Shastra, this yantra is known as a money donor and the all-pervasive giver.

Worship of business growth instruments should be done regularly and perfume etc. should be sprinkle on the device while worshipping, and incense, lamps, naivedya should be give, this increases employment. Lakshmi gets special blessings by regularly worshipping this original Vyapar Vridhi Yantra benefits and chanting the garland.

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Vyapar Vridhi Yantra should be worship with flowers, laddus, coconut, etc. Merchants, and shopkeepers should duly establish the life of this device and install it methodically in their shop or office, if they are not getting proper profit or loss even if they are working hard day and night in the business, then those people The business growth machine should be install in the east or north direction. Should be duly established by doing life. Business growth machine removes all the hassles and tribulations.

When starting a new business, or doing any transaction for any partnership, you get success by worshipping and seeing the business enhancement device. Those who want to achieve prosperity and prosperity in business and want to end poverty etc. should chant Havan of cow’s milk in the fire and chant Lakshmi’s mantra in front of the Vyapar Vridhi Yantra on the evening of Dhanteras with a pure heart. 108 times daily from the Lakshmi Mantra, that is. If you do Hawana of a garland, then you will get Lakshmi.

Benefits of Vyapar Vridhi yantra

To make a business enhancement device, first prepare or get a banquet or flat silver, gold, copper, or rhinestone piece. Engraved according to the shape of the business growth instrument on this swarf, it should be carried out on its own or with a Brahmin on its preparation. After this, one should do Sankalpa, karanyas, meditation, and havan. In this way, doing law and doing research, chanting his mantra, doing tenacity, havan, tarpan, etc. Proves this Vyapar Vridhi yantra and there is no lack of anything for the person.

  • Honouring this device gets rid of the obstacles coming into the business and also increases trade.
  • If you are constantly facing losses in business. Then you should install this device at your place of business.
  • Keeping this device in the workplace brings astonishing wealth. When starting a new business, you should install a business enhancement device at your place of business.
  • To run a business, you have to take a loan and the expenses remain the same and there is no increase in income. Then in such a situation. You should establish a Vyapar Vridhi Yantra benefits in your flock.
  • Original Vyapar Vridhi yantra is consider best for getting rid of debt and removing money stuck in business.
  • This device is consider to be very effective for business growth. By revealing this device, a high level of profit is obtain in the business soon.

Installation Method

In order to install the business enhancement device, first of all, get up early in the morning and retire from the bath and place this device in the place of worship and light a lamp in front of this machine and offer flowers on it. After that, purify the business enhancement device with cow urine, Ganges water, and raw milk and chant the “ॐ Shri क्लीrī k क्लीlīn mahalakक्ष्मmai nām:” Beej Mantra 11 or 21 times. That, after installing this Yantra, wash it regularly and worship it methodically. So that its effect is not reduced. If you want to get the maximum fruit from this Yantra. Then you can create original Vyapar Vriddhi Yantra placement on Bhojpatra, copper, silver, or gold sheet or on rhinestone.

Seed Mantra of Business Growth Yantra – ॐ ह क्ली क्ली क्ली महा महा ल ल ल ल ल ल ल ल ल


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