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Friday is the day of Goddess Lakshmi. It is believed that in order to get the blessings of Maa Lakshmi, there is simple worship of Laxmi yantra. With this help, the person gets special benefits. By the way, Laxmi Yantra can be worshiped on any day, but if it is worshiped on Friday, it gives more auspicious results. It can be made of any metal from copper, silver, and gold. All three are auspicious. It is said that Laxmi yantra is the most beloved Yantra of Maa Lakshmi. Maa Lakshmi is pleased by worshiping it. This brings happiness, wealth, and good fortune to the house. However, it is very important to take care of some things before worshiping Laxmi yantra.
By installing this Lakshmi Yantra which is considered to be the most powerful yantra in the world, in your home or office, you can protect yourself from all kinds of problems. Laxmi Yantra is called the king of all Yantra. In a way, it is also considered a symbol of the entire universe. This Yantra is called Yantra of Maa Lakshmi Ji. The worship of this yantra is mainly to overcome financial problems. This Yantra of Mata Lakshmi can make you rich.
Astroeshop provides the most powerful Yantra, which is already energized by the world’s Best astrologer Acharya Indu Prakash Ji. the most wonderful part of this Yantra is, it is easy to and installs. there is no need to find an appropriate place and direction to place it well. You can easily carry this Yantra as a locket, and attract wealth toward you.
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Lakshmi is the simple worship of Shree Yantra or Laxmi Yantra for the attainment of grace, It is believed that Lakshmi Yantra is the beloved instrument of Goddess Lakshmi, hence worshiping it gives special blessings to Goddess Lakshmi, then you can also be a part of that blessing. Worshiping of Lakshmi yantra along with law and order in the house brings happiness, wealth, and good fortune in the house. But to establish and worship it, it is very important to consider certain things. Let us know some such things which should be kept in mind before setting up or wear Laxmi Yantra.

If you are installing Laxmi  Yantra at home, then install it only after seeing an auspicious time, and worship it as God. Do not use alcohol, meat, and vulgar language. By doing this, you will not get the benefit of Laxmi yantra. Keep in mind that Laxmi yantra is made right, there will be no benefit from worshiping the wrong Laxmi yantra. Once the Laxmi Yantra is installed or worn by you, it should be chanted daily. If Laxmi yantra is kept in the house, then worship it. Not worshiping it can also have negative effects. Before Lakshmi yantra Puja it is necessary to keep some things in mind. Cleanliness should be taken care of in their worship. The worshiper of this Yantra should follow Brahmacharya but do not preach it. Wear clean clothes and do not apply perfumed oils, perfumes, Deodrants, etc. Also, the practitioner has to take a diet without salt.

In religious terms, Lakshmi yantra Sadhana performed for Goddess Lakshmi blessings is difficult in terms of sobriety and rule. But we are telling you the simple method of Laxmi Ji yantra worship, which any ordinary devotee can adapt and get pleasure and glory. Dhankuber can be done by performing this Puja with purity and rules, but in Sriyantra Puja, you must follow some common rules.

Lakshmi Yantra is a sacred machine, so both your mind and body must be clean before installing it. To wear Lakshmi Yantra, first, take a bath and then wear a clean cloth. After that, purify Lakshmi Yantra by taking a bath with panchamrit and Ganga water. After that, faced towards the northeast and wear Lakshmi Yantra.
While wearing Lakshmi Yantra, keep chanting the seed mantra – ॐ Shree Shree Shree Namah ॐ or Shree Shree Shree Shriman. While wearing this Yantra, keep in mind that whenever you are installing this Yantra, you should be facing east or north.

To consult more, and discuss your problems to get an appropriate solution to the problem. You can talk with the world’s best astrologer Acharya Indu Prakash Ji. He will guide you better, and trying to remove all the obstacles from your life. Astroeshop helps you to connect with the Acharya Indu Prakash Ji.




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