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Chaturmasya has special significance in Sanatan Dharma. In this the coming four months in which the month of Sawan, Bhadau, Ashwin, and Kartik comes. Due to Chaturmas, chanting and penance are done while staying at the same place. Due to the rainy season and changing weather, the body’s immunity to fight diseases becomes weak. Actually, in these 4 months, the digestive power of the person also becomes weak, apart from this the number of harmful bacteria in food and water also increases. For these reasons, traveling or organizing auspicious events was stopped in the public interest from the Vedic period itself.

Even today, Jain monks do chanting, austerity, sadhana, and discourses while sitting at the same place in Chaturmas. There is an incident in Ramcharitmanas in which Lord Shri Ram expresses concern during the exile that even the four months have passed, now we should leave for Lanka. In these months, one should follow the rules of diet, fasting, and abstinence. It is also believed that on the day of Devshayani Ekadashi of Ashadh month, Lord Vishnu goes into yoga Nidra, so no auspicious work is done during this time. Manglik works again start on the day of Devutthan Ekadashi of Kartik month. During Chaturmas i.e. in 4 months, all auspicious work like marriage ceremony, home entry, etc. is considered prohibited. In this period of Chaturmas, special benefits of fasting-worship are available. Let us know in which months the worship of which gods and goddesses are particularly fruitful in Chaturmas.



It has great importance in Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism. Saints of all three religions strictly follow it. All the major festivals of Hinduism fall within these Chaumasa. Everyone celebrates these festivals according to their beliefs and also performs religious rituals. Although there are many rules and teachings of Chaturmas in Jainism, here are 5 things of general importance.

  1. In Chaturmas all Jain saints stop their journey and follow Yama and Niyama by staying at temple, ashram or saint’s residence. According to Jainism, these four months are of fasting, sadhana and penance. During this, strict rules should be followed.
  2. The followers of Jainism go to the temple during these four months to perform religious rituals, worship etc. or get the benefit of satsang by all Jain righteous Guruvars and Acharyas. Right path is shown to human beings by saints. These are the months to pacify all kinds of curiosity and desires and these are the four months when Dharma can be practiced or known.
  3. In Jainism, there is an exhortation for the general public to exercise restraint in these four months. During the above four months, do not get angry in any way and follow restraint. In these 4 months, an attempt is made to avoid emotional disorders like meaningless conversations, unnecessary talk, anger, jealousy, pride.
  4. In Chaturmas, sacrificing all material pleasures and facilities, a restrained life is lived. Along with the means of fans, coolers and other amenities, distance is made from TV and entertainment items. In these 4 months, only home-cooked food is eaten, avoiding cleaning and killing of animals.
  5. Paryushan, the most important festival of Jainism is celebrated in Chaturmas itself. If those who are not able to follow the special tradition, fast, etc. throughout the year, they should give up night food, celibacy, self-study, chanting, and Tapasya, the benefit of Manglik discourses and indulging in the service of sages and saints in these 8 days of Paryushan. can wish you well. Mahaparva Samvatsari also comes in Chaturmas. These four months are also a Bhagirath effort to unite the individual and the society in one thread.

Shravan Month

In Chaturmas, Lord Vishnu rests in Kshir Sagar for four months, in such a situation Lord Shiva takes over the operation of the universe in his hands. The month of Sawan is most dear to Lord Shiva. In the month of Sawan, it is mainly the law of worship of Shivling and water and Bel leaves are offered on it. Sixteen Monday fasts are started for the blessings of Lord Shiva from the month of Shravan. Worshiping Shiva in this month brings immense blessings to Lord Bholenath. Worship of Bholenath in Sawan, recitation of Shiva Sahasranama, Rudrabhishek, Jalabhishek, offering Bilva leaves will fulfill the wishes. In these four months, the month of Sawan is considered to be the most important. In this month, the person who does Bhagwat Katha, worship of Lord Shiva, religious rituals, the charity will get renewable virtue.


Bhadrapada Month

In the month of Bhadrapada, there is a law to worship Lord Ganesha and Krishna incarnation of Vishnu. In this month, the incarnation day of Ganesha, who is considered to be the first among all the gods, the holy festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated not only by the country but by the people of Sanatan Dharma all over the world with great enthusiasm. Janmashtami of Lord Krishna is also celebrated this month. Krishna devotees worship Lord Krishna ritually for six to twelve days, especially in Mathura and Vrindavan.


Ashwin Month

The third month of Chaturmas is dedicated to the worship of Maa Durga. In this month, Maa Durga’s Shardiya Navratri is fasted and worshipped. Devotees observe a fast for nine days by setting up a Kalash for Goddess Durga, and on the day of Dashami, after breaking the fast, immerse the Kalash and celebrate the festival of Dussehra with great pomp.


Kartik Month

The last month of Chaturmas, Kartik month is considered to be the most sacred month in Hinduism. From this month the elements of God become strong. On the date of Ekadashi, which is also known as DevUtthan Ekadashi, according to the belief, Lord Vishnu takes charge after relinquishing yoga Nidra and all auspicious work starts again. During this, Lakshmi Puja is done in Diwali on Kartik Amavasya Tithi. Apart from this, worshiping Lord Hanuman, the devotee of Shri Ramji and Vamana avatar of Lord Vishnu, Surya Dev, Water Dev, in Chaturmas gives freedom from all troubles.

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