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Astrological Benefits of Cats Eye Gemstone

Astrological Benefits of Cats Eye Gemstone

Benefits of cats eye gemstone

Astrological benefits of the cats-eye gemstone are, it helps to strengthen the planet Ketu. When Ketu planet is place in any auspicious house sign or auspicious house in the horoscope. Then the gemstone of Ketu should be wear. If the position of Ketu in the horoscope is in a bad mood or a bad house. Then the gemstone of Ketu should not be wear. Therefore, a good astrologer should be consult before wearing Ketu.

If the position of Ketu in the horoscope is good, then by wearing Cats eye (Lahsuniya) gemstone, the person progresses further in spirituality and by wearing it, the person is protect from negative forces and health and financial condition is good. We further tell you the rules and benefits of wearing the Cats eye (Lahusnia) Gemstone.

Rules for wearing cats eye gemstone Onyx

Before wearing cats eye gemstone, you have to understand how the position of the planet Ketu is seem in the horoscope and in which situation Ketu gives good results and in which case Ketu gives bad results.


First of all, let us tell you that if Ketu is sitting in the triple house (6, 8, 12) or any other bad house in the horoscope, then its gemstone should not be wear.

Secondly, if Ketu is sitting in a good house like triangle house (1, 5, 9), Kendra house (4, 7, 10) or any other good house. Then you should see the sign-in which Ketu is sitting. The lord of the planet is not sitting in any bad house or there is no Marrakesh in the horoscope.

If Ketu is sitting in a good house in the horoscope and the ruling planet of that zodiac is sitting in a good house due to the yoga factory, then Ketu should be wear, otherwise, it should not be done.

To see the good or bad position of Rahu and Ketu in the horoscope, you can get information by clicking on Rahu and Ketu on our page Kundli.

If you do not know how to identify yoga karaka and Marak planets in a horoscope, then you can get information by clicking on our page yoga karaka and marak planet.

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Why should wear gemstones, and how to get astrological benefits of cats-eye gemstone

According to astrology, every person is born with the accumulated karmas of his previous birth

The accumulate karmas of his previous birth, his birth chart is prepared and according to his karma, his horoscope. The planets sit in different houses to give him good and bad results.

According to astrology, the Rashmis of 9 planets affect every person and give good or bad results to him. The mathematics of astrology tells us which planets are sitting in our horoscope. Which means that they give good results and which planets are sitting in the horoscope that gives bad results.

When we come to know which planets are good and bad for us. Then it is a good thing that if the rays of the planets that give good results fall on us. So, we will get more good results and if less. If you do, you will get less good results.

Similarly, if the strength of any yoga karaka planet i.e. a planet giving good results is less in the horoscope. It is sitting with the Sun or is weak in the Shatabala, then its strength is increase by wearing a gemstone related to that planet.

The gemstone of a planet acts like a magnet. The gemstone related to a planet receives its rays and works to communicate with the person.

In a person’s horoscope, the house in which a planet is sitting, the houses on which it is sight. The houses in which its zodiac signs or the planet’s factor, the planets give its results.

In the same way, if the gems related to the malefic planet. Then the planets that give bad results, are wear in the horoscope, then due to the increase in the strength of that planet. Bad results start getting more. Therefore, never wear the stone of the planet Marak.

Cats Eye Gemstone

Identification of Astrological benefits of cats-eye gemstone

There are three to four types of Lehsunia Gemstone. But the Lehsunia gemstone which gives a greenish glow, that Lehsunia gemstone is sold the most in India. Apart from this, brown coloured Cats-eye gemstone is also very popular. If the Lahusnia stone is shaken slightly, then it looks like a cat’s eye symbol. Like a cat’s eye shines in the light, similarly, the Lahsuniya gem is visible in the light. Lehsunia gemstone looks like a stone and it is heavy to hold. Good quality lab certified Cats eye gemstone is also available at a cheap price in India. Whenever you want to buy Lahusnia gems, buy only certified gems from a good lab. If you want to buy genuine lab-certified Lehsunia Gemstone then you can buy from

When and how to wear cats eye (Lasuniya) gemstone

Cats-eye gemstone is worn on Wednesday. Men should wear Lehusnia gemstone on the middle finger of their right hand and women in silver, Panchdhatu or Ashtadhatu on the middle finger of their left hand. Before wearing the Lehsuniya gem. You should purify it with Ganga water. And keep it in the place of worship and wear a garland (108 times) after chanting Ketu Beej Mantra.

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