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Worship of Dash Mata improves the condition of the family

Worship of Dash Mata improves the condition of the family

Worship of Dash Mata improves the condition of the family

There are ups and downs in every person’s life. In the life of many people, it comes for a short time, while many people struggle with problems throughout their life. In such a situation, the condition of life of his family deteriorates. If the condition of a person’s life is bad then he has to face many troubles, and when the condition is good then his life is happy. To improve this deteriorating condition of life, Dash mata is worshipped.

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Worship of Dash mata is worshiped on the tenth day of Krishna Paksha of Chaitra month. This fast will be observed on Wednesday, 18 March 2020. On this day, women bring 10 strings of raw yarn and tie 10 knots in it and worship the Peepal tree. After worshiping Dore, Nal hears the story of Damayanti at the place of worship. After this, this thread is tied around the neck. After the worship, women raid the house with turmeric kumkum. While fasting, they eat food at the same time. Salt is not used in food. On this day, after cleaning the house atala, all the garbage is thrown out.

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Vrat Katha According to mythology, once King Nal and Queen Damayanti ruled happily. He had two sons. The people of the state were happy. Its just matter of one day. A Brahmin came to the palace and asked the queen to take Dasha Mata’s string. The maid said- Yes Queen, on this day all the married women worship and fast for Dasha Mata and tie this thread around the neck, which brings happiness and prosperity in the house. The queen took that string and tied it around her neck after worshiping according to the rituals. After a few days, King Nal saw Damayanti tied a string around her neck and asked why you have tied this string even after having so many ornaments and saying this, the king pulled the string from the neck and threw it away. The queen raised the string and said that it is Dash Mata’s string, you did not do well by insulting her. Dash Mata came in the form of an old lady, in the dream of the king, Dash Mata came in the form of an old lady and told the king that your good condition is going and bad condition is coming. You have insulted me. As the days passed, gradually the king’s opulence, wealth and prosperity started getting destroyed. The condition became so bad that the king had to leave his kingdom and go to another kingdom in disguise to seek work. On the way, the king saw the palace of a Bhil king. There the king left both his children safe as a trust and the king and queen went ahead. The king’s friend came to the village. When he went to a friend’s place, he was very much respected. The friend slept in his bedroom. In the same room, on the peg of a peacock figure, hung a precious diamond-studded necklace of the friend’s wife. When the queen woke up in the middle of the night, she saw that the lifeless peg was swallowing the heer. Seeing this, the queen immediately woke up the king and both of them thought about what answer they would give to the friend in the morning. So you should leave at this time. The queen and the king left in the night itself. When the friend’s wife did not get the necklace in the morning, she accused the king of theft. In this way many troubles kept coming in the life of King Nal and Queen Damayanti. King Nal saw the old woman with the same dream, one day while passing through the forest, King Nal saw the same old woman with the same dream, then he fell at her feet and started asking for forgiveness and said, forgive me for my mistake. I will worship Dashmata along with my wife. The old lady forgave him and told him the method of worshiping Dashmata. On the arrival of the tenth day of Krishna Paksha of Chaitra month, the king and queen worshiped Dashmata according to their ability and tied Dashamata’s string around her neck. Due to this his condition improved and the king got his kingdom again.

What to do, what not to do on this day, the money of the house should not be spent on the day of Dash Mata. As much as possible, buy the necessary items a day in advance and keep them. Do not lend money to anyone on the day of Dash Mata worship. On this day, one should not give any item of his house to anyone nor should he ask for any item or money from anyone. On this day, clean the entire house and throw out unnecessary atlas, garbage, broken items.

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