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According to the Hindu calendar, the Amavasya of Bhadrapada is called Kushgrahani Amavasya and Pithori Amavasya. This year Pithori Amavasya will be celebrated on Tuesday, 7th September 2021 and, next year it will be celebrated on Friday, 26 August 2022. It is believed that on this day, the souls of the ancestors get peace by fasting and performing other rituals. According to the scriptures, the lord of Amavasya Tithi is Pitrudev, that is why on this day tarpan and charity are of great importance for the fulfillment of ancestors. From the religious point of view, taking Kush on this new moon and using Kush in worship has special significance.

Why is it called Kushgrahani Amavasya?

On this day, for worship, rituals, or Shradh throughout the year, the grass called Kusha is brought home by uprooting it from the river, plains, etc. If this grass used in religious works is collected on this day, then it is fruitful for the whole year. Any religious worship without kusha grass is considered fruitless. Hence kusha grass is prominently used in the Hindu worship system. Any Kusha broken on this day is considered sacred for a whole year. Being extremely holy, it also has the name Savitri.

Why use it?

Kush grass is considered sacred in the Vedas and Puranas. It is also called Kusha, Darbha, or Dabha. Generally, in all religious functions, easy laying made of Kush or the sacred made of Kush is worn in the ring finger. Its importance has been mentioned in Atharvaveda, Matsya Purana, and Mahabharata. It is believed that energy is created in our bodies during worship and meditation. If worshiping and meditation are done sitting on the seat of Kush, then the accumulated energy in the body does not go into the ground. Apart from this, the ring of Kush is worn in religious works so that the spiritual power does not go to the other fingers. Due to the location of the Sun below the ring finger, it is the finger of the Sun. We get vitality, radiance, and fame from the Sun. The second reason is to prevent this energy from entering the earth. If the hand accidentally touches the ground during worship, then Kusha will come in the middle and energy will be protected. Therefore, a ring of Kusha is made and worn on the hand.

Why is kusha so holy?

According to an incident in the Matsya Purana, when Lord Vishnu took Varaha avatar and killed Hiranyaksha, he restored the earth. After that he brushed off the water on his body, then the hair from his body fell on the earth and turned into the form of Kusha. After this Kusha was considered holy. According to another mythological story, when Sita Ji was absorbed in the earth, Shri Ramji tried to stop her by running quickly, but only Sita ji’s hair could come into her hand. This hairstyle turned into Kusha.

Law of plucking kusha grass

While removing Kusha, care should be taken that it should not be cut with any tool, it should be removed only by hands and Kusha grass should not be broken. That is, the front of the grass should not be broken. Sunrise is considered the best time to collect Kusha. With the right hand remove the kasha one at a time.

Dev souls are active in Uttarayan according to the year and in Shukla Paksha according to the month, while demonic souls are more active in Dakshinayana and Krishna Paksha. When the demonic spirits are more active, then the effect of demonic tendencies in humans also increases, that is why on the important day of the said days, the mind and mind of the person is turned towards religion.
On the new moon day, ghosts, ancestors, vampires, nocturnal creatures, and demons are more active and free. Knowing the nature of such a day, special care should be taken. The phantom’s body is composed of 25 percent physical atom and 75 percent etheric atom.

Similarly, 25 percent etheric atom and 75 percent astral atom is involved in the formation of the Pitra body. If the etheric atom becomes dense, then the photo of the ghosts can be taken, and similarly, if the astral atom becomes dense then the photo of the ancestors can also be taken.

In astrology, the moon is considered the god of the mind. The moon is not visible on the new moon day. In such a situation, people who are very emotional, this thing has the most effect on them. Girls are very emotional by heart. If the moon is not visible on this day, then the movement in our body increases. The person who is negative thinking takes his negative power under its influence.

In the scriptures, the 16th phase of the Moon is called ‘Ama’. There is a Mahakala of Chandramandal named ‘Ama’ which includes the power of 16 phases of the Moon. Many names of ama have come up in the scriptures, such as Amavasya, Sun-Moon confluence, Panchadasi, Amavasi, Amavasi, or Amamasi.

The moon is not visible on the new moon day, that is, the one which does not decay and rise is called Amavasya, then it is also called ‘Kuhu Amavasya’. Amavasya comes only once a month. In the scriptures, Pitrudev is considered to be the lord of Amavasya Tithi. Amavasya is the time of the union of Sun and Moon. On this day both stay in the same zodiac.

Main Amavasya: Bhaumvati Amavasya, Mauni Amavasya, Shani Amavasya, Hariyali Amavasya, Diwali Amavasya, Somvati Amavasya, Sarvapitri Amavasya.

Warning: On this day, any type of tamasic things should not be consumed. On this day one should also stay away from intoxicants like alcohol. It can have adverse effects not only on the body but also on your future. Knowledgeable people say that it is good to remain holy for the above three days of Chaudas, Amavasya, and Pratipada.

Pithori Amavasya Puja Vidhi

Amavasya fasting during Bado month is very important. On this day only women and mothers can fast. This fast is not for unmarried women. On this day, get up in the morning and wash (if possible in the holy river), if possible sprinkle Gangajal in water. After bathing, put on clean clothes and take an oath to fast. Cooking means flour. Therefore, on this day there is a law for making images of 64 goddesses with flour. They are served by wearing their own clothes. To make ornaments of idols, rub gram flour and make necklaces, necklaces, bracelets, ears, and necks and give them to the goddess. Put all the gods on a plate and give them flowers.

Not only this, it makes Gujiya, Sugar Pare, Guj Ke Pare, and Mathri worship and dedicate it to the gods. After the prayer, make the gods and goddesses of flour. After praying, offer a meal to the pandit Ji or another elder in the house and touch their feet. Feed the pandit and send him by donating and donating. Fasting done in this way will be considered complete and fasting will be beneficial.

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