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What is life – how to live a good life?


What is life – how to live in a good way?

We all have a question that sometimes arises in our mind that, what is life? If seen, when we are struggling with trouble, then such questions automatically start arising in our mind. After which we are forced to think that what is life after all? What is the real purpose of our life? What are we living life for? If seen in the true sense, life is a long journey. There is a feeling of ups and downs when walking on it. It is a battle to win which keep fighting with all your heart and it is a duty so every person should perform all duty towards others and society.

What is life ?

Sometimes it seeks happiness, sometimes it runs away from sorrow, sometimes it seeks peace, what is life? Philosophy, Art, Science, or Ignorance, Past, Future, Present or All Existing. Is there a race to get something or is there a race to compete. There is a fear of being left behind or the temptation to stay ahead, sometimes there is an alliance of troubles.


If you ever notice? when a man is born, he has breath but no name, and when a man dies, he has a name but does not breathe. The journey between this breath and the name is call life. Live neither in the absence of anyone, nor live under any influence, live your life in your own nature.
right way to live.

Have an optimistic outlook

If you want to live in true sense then keep your attitude full of hope. Also keep in mind that if there is happiness after sorrow then you can live a happy.

Cherish the time

If you want to achieve something good, then learn to value time. If you will respect the time, then all the work will be complete on time and success will be with you. Due to which mental peace and relaxation will be achieve.

Have confident Life

Have full faith in yourself for a successful, no work is impossible. You can do any work easily. There cannot be a better person in the world for himself than you.

Don’t worry about tomorrow

No need to worry about tomorrow for a successful and happy life. Don’t spoil your present by worrying about tomorrow. But you can make plans to make your tomorrow better.

Understand your shortcomings

If a person recognizes his shortcomings and learns to overcome them. From that day a person starts living a successful. In true sense, when a person starts recognizing his shortcomings and starts improving them, then the purpose of his becomes successful.

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