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Vedic Astrology or Western Astrology: What Should We Prefer?

Astrology, you know that the divine forces of the universe have a significant influence in shaping your life! Hindu astrology is one of the most famous methods to find out how planetary positions affect the quality of your life by preparing a Vedic astrology chart. It is a pseudo-science that studies which planet is in which house or zodiac at the time the predictions are made. It is used to interpret various aspects of a person’s life, be it a career, education or even love compatibility.

Are you already confused by what I’m saying? Well, I totally understand that and that’s why I’m here to make the concept of signs, planets and houses in Hindu astrology easier and more understandable.

In this blog, we will learn all about Vedic Hindu Astrology. Which is consider to be the oldest form of astrology. We will also see how it differs from Western astrology, how Vedic astrology predictions can affect you, and much more.

Vedic Astrology & Western Astrology| Astroeshop| World's Best Astrologer
Vedic Astrology & Western Astrology

What is the difference between Vedic and Western astrology?

There are many basic differences when we talk about Vedic astrology and Western astrology. Here we will see some of the most important ones.

1. Zodiac sign

There are two main types of zodiac signs. Vedic astrology predictions are base on the star signs of the zodiac, which are based on the position of the constellations in the sky, while Western astrology predictions are base on the tropical zodiac signs, which are fixed.

2. System of the house

The practice of Vedic astrology uses the entire sign house to function, while Western astrology considers a specific area of ​​the sign house that covers certain degrees. This makes the use of the home system different in both practices.

3. Planets and rulership

The concept of Vedic astrology uses only the visible planets and interprets the situation base on their position, but in the case of Western astrology, all major planets, whether visible or not, are consider for predictions.

4. Strengths of the planets in Astrology

Vedic astrology considers retrograde planets to be strong and more effective. Because they appear larger, brighter and visible, while in Western astrology they are planets that are consider weak. Because they do not function according to the orientation of the true sky. These are the main points of difference between Vedic and Western astrology.

Now you know everything about Vedic Astrology. So in conclusion you must also know how this divine practice can benefit you in various aspects of life.

Origins of Vedic Astrology

Rooted in the Vedas, the ancient Indian system of knowledge. Vedic is based on the belief that the stars and planets have a powerful influence on our lives.

According to Hindu teachings, life is mean for spiritual growth. This growth is facilitate in part by karma, the concept that every thought and action has a corresponding reaction.

The Vedas say that a person’s karma is directly related to the position of the planets and stars, and therefore astrology is a method to understand a person’s karma by analyzing these positions.

Originally know as World’s Best Astrologer or “science of light”, Vedic is consider by many to be the eye of the Vedas as it is meant to provide guidance to individuals who feel lost or confuse on their life’s journey.

Astrology, also called the “science of destiny,” is use to understand all aspects of life, including the future success of a particular endeavour such as marriage, moving to a new home, or starting a business. In the past, it was even use as a way of predicting the outcome of battles in a war or a specific government decision. As a result, rulers often astrologers to give them better insight into how they could best run their kingdoms.

Vedic Astrology & Western Astrology| Astroeshop| World's Best Astrologer
Vedic Astrology & Western Astrology

Eastern vs. Western Astrology

First of all, it should be know that the “Daily Horoscope” section, which is usually fInd on the Internet and in newspapers, has nothing to do with Vedic.

Not only do these sections adhere to Western astrological interpretations that differ from the Vedic system. But they also pay attention to only one small aspect of its practice, making vague and generalized predictions.

The main difference between Vedic and Western astrologers is how they look at the constellations.

The sun and planets follow a path across the sky as seem from Earth, moving against the backdrop of constellations or star patterns. That form different astrological signs such as Taurus, Aries, Pisces, etc. When the sun or a particular planet moves in front of a certain star pattern. It is said, that it is in the astrological sign that the stars represent. So the ecliptic path that the planets pass in front of the twelve signs of astrology is called the zodiac.

About 2,000 years ago, both Western and Vedic track the planets along this ecliptic path to create horoscopes and make predictions.

But as the Earth spins on its axis, it actually experiences a wobble, known as precession. This wobble tilts the Earth and also tilts its ecliptic plane. Since a complete wobble takes 26,000 years, the plane of the ecliptic moves about 1 degree every 72 years.

The plane of the ecliptic has shifted so much in the last 2000 years that the position of the Sun and the planets in relation to the signs no longer correspond to the position of the old plane of the ecliptic.

Vedic astrology takes precession into account and therefore calculates horoscopes based on the updated ecliptic path. However, Western astrology follows an old path that is symbolic rather than astronomically accurate.

Vedic Astrology & Western Astrology| Astroeshop| World's Best Astrologer

How the planets affect us

As described in the Vedas, everyone and everything is under the control of time.

By its influence, individuals are inevitably draw through various stages of existence before finally dying and being push into the next life. The state of which is determine by their accumulated karma.

According to modern science, time and space are connect to form the structure in which we exist, know as space-time. Large objects such as planets affect this fabric and affect everything around them.

“What we call planets are nothing more than points of light in a vast energy network, connected by intricately subtle lines of force, uniting the entire solar system into a single organism. Although the planets appear as small points of light in the distance. Their energy fields are present on Earth and are responsible for many formations of earthly life and our own bodies and minds.

Simply put, as life unfolds in the field of time, the planets are like referees, keeping order.


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