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Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science that benefits from the concept of prosperity. It connects a person’s health and happiness directly to the layout and construction of the building. The promoters of Vastu Shastra promote that it is the most authentic and proven counselling science. It is said that nature consists of 5 basic elements such as planetary energy, air, water, fire and earth. Each carries its own dynamic and with vastu your home and business can be synchronize.

According to the promoters of the shastra, it creates a tremendous impact on all facts of life ie health, life, education, thinking, prosperity, marriage and peace of mind. Actually “Vastu Shastra” is the science of the ancient “Vedic Ages” of India under whose guidance buildings can be construct on a particular plot of land. For some people, these principles are still relevant today. According to their belief, the science of “Vastu Shastra” controls the gravitational and magnetic force of the earth.

Vastu Shastra| Vastu Shastra Tips| Vastu Shastra Guidance|
Vastu Shastra Tips

The Main beliefs of Vastu Shastra are as follows:

  • The existence of communications on the north or east side of the house improves the health and progress of the members of the house. If a house has a road on 3 sides, its residents suffer from tension and tension-related problems.
  • When digging to lay the foundations, make sure you start from the east, go north, then west, and finally southwest.
  • The land at the end of the road is also not good for its inhabitants.
  • It is good to have the main door on the east, north and northeast corners of the house. A house with the main door at the southwest end gives less peace and a perpetually tense atmosphere.
  • A house with a massive main door causes many unpleasant events and its members suffer from health problems.
  • There should be no doors in the southwest corners or in the southwest part of the house. It is best if the door faces north or east. Doors should also open inwards and not outwards. When the door opens inward, it means inviting people’s forces and positive energy. However, opening the door to the outside would be bad for positive energy – in fact, it would drive good energy away.
  • The wall of the house should have soothing and soft colours on the walls because it gives a tension-free atmosphere. Deep yellow, red or orange walls irritate residents.
  • All appliances or sources related to water in the house should be place in the northeast area. This provides prosperity.
  • There should never be a well or tube well at the southeast end of the house. A well or well in the middle of the house brings luck to his head.
  • The presence of Tulsi, Banana, Champa, Ashoka, and Aawla plants outside the house keeps the residents healthy, happy and peaceful.
Vastu Shastra| Vastu Shastra Tips| Vastu Shastra Guidance|
Vastu Shastra Guidance

Vastu Tips for Building Construction?

In urban areas, due to the scarcity of land, the construction of apartments has become a common practice. Flats are economical and have some other advantages like security, common recreation centres, shopping area etc. In urban areas, therefore, buying flats is more common than building a house on the land, which becomes much more expensive. In fact, constructing flats according to vastu is difficult, yet satisfactory results could be achieved if vastu principles are carefully follow while selecting the plot and constructing the buildings.

According to Vastu experts, the maximum benefit for flat owners can be achieve by following the ‘Vastu’ principles.

  • The place should be a square or rectangle. If possible, the southwest corner should be 90 degrees.
  • The main door should be on the north, east or north-east side of the plot. 2 gates are advantageous, one in the east and the other in the north. Apart from this northeast, southwest or northwest block are also good.
  • The ground level should slope towards the northeast and the levels in the southwest should be higher than all the other sides.
  • A well should be drill in the northeast before construction begins.
  • More space should be provided in the east and north as compared to the west and south of the complex.
  • Balconies to the north, east and northeast are advantageous.
  • The kitchen is suitable for the southeast or northwest, but never for the northeast.
  • The staircase should be secure in the South, West or South-West and should be avoid in the North-East as the top space of the staircase higher than the South-West is not acceptable.
Vastu Shastra| Vastu Shashtra Guidance|
Vastu Shastra
  • The underground room or space (cellar) should remain under the northeastern or eastern part of the complex.
  • We prefer parking for cars, scooters and bicycles in the northeast basement.
  • The open area to the north and south should be use for lawns and ponds.
  • AC equipment should be located in the South-East of the complex and should never be install in the North-East under any circumstances.
  • Sinks should be located in the north, east or northeast of the hall.

What benefits of Vastu Shastra?

One often thinks about how Vastu Shastra works and not enough about how they can benefit from it. Here are some of the biggest benefits of Vastu Shastra for success:

  • Comfort
  • Internal implementation
  • Strong
  • Easy to use
  • Best use of space
  • Good structuring
  • It can enhance the personality
  • Strengthen relationships with other people
  • Use it for spiritual knowledge
  • Greater peace of mind and skill
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