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Use moon rejuvenation for beauty and glowing skin

Use moon rejuvenation for beauty and glowing skin

Use moon rejuvenation for beauty and glowing skin

In Hinduism, Sun and Moon are called direct gods. These are also two planets. Where the Sun is said to be the representative planet of soul, father, honor, position, prestige, etc., while the Moon is the planet of mind, mother and mental happiness and peace. Moon is also related to beauty. It is a symbol of the water element which also controls 70 percent of the water present in the human body. Therefore, just as the green nature dries up due to lack of water, in the same way, due to lack of water in our body, many types of diseases start growing and the body loses its lustrous aura. The skin becomes dry and dry, the face becomes pale and there is no attraction in the person.

Many types of skin diseases trouble the person whose moon is bad in his birth chart. The face loses radiance. If this is the case with you as well, then you should do the moon rejuvenation experiment. In the scriptures, there is a description of the moon rejuvenation experiment, by which you can make yourself attractive. Moon is auspicious by this experiment and benefits related to it are available.

moon rejuvenation

How to do Moon Rejuvenation Experiment

Material: White clothes for one’s own wear, white clothes for laying, white hakik garland, or rudraksh garland, or rosary of real pearls, silver lotus containing one and a half liters of water, picture of moon or Chandra yantra. This experiment is done on the full moon day, this experiment can be done on the full moon day or can be done on the Monday of Shukla Paksha. For this, on the desired day, after retiring from bathing in the morning, wear pure white clothes. After cleaning the place of worship of your house, spread a white colored seat and sit facing north. Put a white cloth on a post in front of you and install a picture of Chandradev on it. Chandra Yantra can also be installed. Keep a silver vessel filled with water in front of you. Now first of all, by bowing to your gurus, parents and Ishtadev, take their permission and get the blessings of the experiment to be successful. After this, while pronouncing your name, gotra, date, war etc., take a pledge to perform the lunar rejuvenation experiment. Now chant the mantra of Chandra Dev with a garland in the right hand and keep your left hand in a vessel filled with water during the entire mantra chanting. Due to this the flow of energy arising from chanting your mantra will go into the water filled in the vessel. You have to chant 21 rounds.

moon rejuvenation for beauty and glowing skin

Mantra: Om Somay Namah

After completing 21 rosaries, fill this water in a glass bottle and keep it. Drink this water little by little every day and add a few drops to the bath water as well. The effect of this experiment is visible after two to three weeks. If you are doing this experiment on every full moon, then after three months you will start getting rejuvenated.

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