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To please Shani Dev, chant these 5 mantras, all the troubles will go away

To please Shani Dev chant these 5 mantras all the troubles will go away

To please Shani Dev, chant these 5 mantras, all the troubles will go away

Shani Dev has been given the most importance in astrology. Everyone is also very afraid of this planet because once someone starts suffering from Shani, it does not give up easily, Shani’s half-century lasts for seven and a half years. In astrology, Saturn is considered a painful planet, but the reality is that Shani is the judge. They give good and bad results to the person on the basis of his good and bad deeds.

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To please Shani Dev, you should chant these 5 mantras every day, believe that all your troubles will go away.

Om Shannodeveerbhishtaya apo bhavantu peetey shanyorbhistravantu na:
um pr pr pr sans: shanishcharaya namah:
Om Aim Hleen Sreeshanashcharaya Namah:
Konastha Pingalo Babhru: Krishna Raudrontako Yama:
Souri: Shaneschro dim: Pippaladen Recommended:

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Shani’s Tantrokta Mantra

Om Pram Prim Prawns: Shanishcharaya Namah:

Some special things Saturn is said to be the coldest planet, whose speed is the slowest. A person who has exalted Saturn in his birth chart, enjoys Raja Yoga even after taking birth in a normal family. Exalted Saturn makes the person hardworking, working and just. Due to the presence of Saturn in the ascendant house, the person is lazy and frivolous. If Saturn is debilitated, then the person becomes misbehaving, mischievous.

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