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These simple tips can change your life.

These simple tips can change your life

These simple tips -looking measures are of great use.

There are times in life when there is no solution. Whether the problem is small or big, the person becomes very mentally disturbed due to it. Remedies to solve many such problems have been given in Lal Kitab. These measures may be small and very common in appearance, but they are of great use. If there are any problems, you should definitely try them out. Even if there is no problem, then you do not have to face problems by taking your measures according to the zodiac.

change your life

Let us know about the measures according to the zodiac.

Always keep a red handkerchief with you…

Aries Always keep a red handkerchief with you. On every Tuesday after sunset, distribute jaggery and rice to the children. Don’t trade sweets. Give gifts to aunt, sister, daughter. Make thick bread and feed it to the cow. Do not keep any ivory item in the house. Wear a silver ring in the left hand.

Every day in Taurus, light a lamp of desi ghee in the morning and evening. Do not wear torn or old clothes. Wear a silver ring in the right hand. Press the silver piece into the root of the neem tree. Use perfume, perfume on clothes regularly. Do not buy new shoes and slippers in the month of January-February. Get money plant installed at home.

Gemini: Release the live fish caught by someone in the river. Do not keep any animals and birds in the house. Do not wear green clothes. Do not use green color in the house. Fill an earthen pot with milk and press it on the uninhabited place. Offer akshat and milk in the Shiva temple.

Drink milk from silver glass Cancer drink milk from silver glass daily. Read Durga Chalisa every day after bath. Do not keep rabbits in the house. Feed the seeds of ancestors’ names to the birds. Install silver bricks in the foundation of the house. Offer walnuts and coconut to the Leo zodiac Shiva temple. Wear a copper coin in a khaki thread. Feed fodder to a cow without horns. Do not harm anyone. Act truthfully.

Feed wheat

Feed wheat-jaggery to red monkeys. Wear a black neckerchief while sleeping at night. Always keep a green handkerchief with you. Plant Tulsi and money plant. Throw an earthen pot with a lid in the river. Do not change the place of worship. Donate the Libra zodiac barley and yellow mustard in the Durga temple. Donate curd, butter and potatoes to the poor from time to time. Feed roti to the cow daily. Drink cow urine. No woman in the house should walk barefoot.

Do not cut Peepal and Keekar trees, Scorpio, do not take free goods from anyone.

Do not cut Peepal and Keekar trees. Keep fast on Tuesday.

Feed tandoor roti to the poor.

Sagittarius must give something to the beggar who comes home. Always keep a yellow handkerchief with you. Put turmeric in a silver vessel and keep it in the safe. Offer water to Peepal everyday. Don’t give false testimony.

Capricorn, serve the monkeys. Feed jaggery. Put sugar in milk and pour it into the banyan tree. Do not keep dark in any part of the house. Fill the sugar in the flute and press it on an uninhabited place. Try to always stay in the east facing house.

Aquarius should wear a square piece of silver around the neck. Apply mustard oil on the roti and feed it to the cow. Offer alcohol in Bhairav temple. Apply saffron or turmeric tilak. Donate oil and wine.


Feed the chickens. Worship the Peepal tree regularly. Recite Durga Saptashati on every Tuesday. Donate clothes in the temple. Offer food to the poor on Thursday.

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