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Usually, Hanuman Chalisa is recite by the devotees to please Hanuman Ji. Hanuman Chalisa is easily remember by the elderly to the children, but apart from Hanuman Chalisa, if you know the benefits of Sunderkand recitation, then you would like to do it daily. According to the famous belief of the Hindu religion, the wishes of the devotee who recites Sundarkand get fulfill soon.

Sakal Sumangal Daak Raghunayak song.
Regards Sunahin te tar him bhava Sindhu without water.

(Interpretation: The praise of Shri Raghunathji is the giver of all the beautiful Mars. Those who listen to it with respect will sink into the ocean of the ocean without any other means.)


Sunderkand Adhyay is the fifth chapter out of seven chapters of Ramcharitmanas written by Goswami Tulsidas. All the chapters of Ramcharit Manas are about the devotion to God, but the importance of Sundarkand is said to be more.

Significance of Sunderkand Path

Where on the one hand the qualities of God are depict in the complete Ramcharitmanas, his glory has been told, but on the other hand, the story of Sundarkand of Ramcharitmanas is different. In this, it is not told about the qualities of Lord Rama, but about the qualities of his devotee and his victory.


Benefits of Hanuman Path Hanuman Ji

It gives strength to the devotee who recites Sunderkand. Even negative energy cannot wander around him, the devotee receives such power. It is also believe that when the devotee’s self-confidence decreases or no work is being done in life, then by reciting Sunderkand, all the work starts happening automatically.

Classical beliefs not only classical beliefs, but scientists have also explained the importance of the text of Sundarkand. According to various psychologists, the recitation of Sunderkand enhances the confidence and willpower of the devotee.

Meaning of Sundarakand Path Each line of this text and the meaning associated with it teaches the devotee to never give up in life. According to psychologists, if you want to be successful in any major examination, then you must recite Sunderkand before the examination.

If possible, students should recite Sundarkand. This lesson will instil confidence in them and take them closer to success.

You may not know the formulas of success, but if you know the meaning of the lines of the text of Sunderkand, then you will know that the formulas of success in life have also been told in it.

Mantras of Successful Life If a person follows this formula in his life, then no one can stop him from being successful. Therefore, it is suggest that if no one is able to read the Ramcharitmanas in its entirety, then at least one should recite the Sundarkand.

The text of Sundarkand is such a belief that any mantra or text related to Hanuman Ji is more powerful than any other mantra. Hanuman Ji gives strength and power to his devotees in the fruits of their worship.

Recite Sundarakand at this time:

It is also said that when Ramayana text is keep at home, then only a member of the house should recite Sunderkand out of that complete text. This leads to the flow of positive energies in the house. Benefits of Astrology If seen from the point of view of astrology, then this text gets rid of inauspicious planets hovering over all the members of the house. If you are not able to do this recitation yourself, then at least all the members of the house must listen to this lesson. Inauspicious planets are beneficial in removing the defects of inauspicious planets, recitation of Sundarkand.

Tuesday is the third day of any week, on this day there is a law to worship Mahabali Hanuman. By worshiping Hanuman Ji, the giver of strength, intellect, and learning, a person gets freedom from every crisis of life. Among all the gods, Hanuman Ji is consider to be among the living gods on this earth, who, according to mythological beliefs, roam the earth in this Kaliyuga. There is a tradition of reciting Sundarkand on Tuesday. It is also say that a person who recites Sundarkand with devotion continuously for forty weeks, then all his wishes are fulfill. All the troubles of his life go away.

Sunderkand Path| Hanuman Ji|

Why Sunderkand is written?

In order to please Hanumanji, with proper and correct rules, one should recite the Sundarkand of Hanumanji with faith and faith. It takes 2 to 3 hours to complete this lesson once. While reciting, recite it calmly and with full attention. Reciting on Tuesday and Saturday is more graceful and fruitful. Do this religious recitation according to the rules of the Sundarkand recitation method. Those who do not have time to do the full recitation can also recite 11 chaupais daily.


The infinite glory of the Sundarkand

On auspicious occasions, the Sundarkand of Shri Ramcharitmanas compose by Goswami Tulsidasji is recite. The recitation of Sunderkand is consider to be of great importance before the beginning of auspicious works. Whether there are more problems in a person’s life, no work is being done or if there is a lack of self-confidence or any other problem, auspicious results are obtain from the recitation of Sunderkand.

It is believe that Hanumanji is please with the recitation of Sunderkand. Bajrangbali’s grace is obtain very soon in the text of Sunderkand. For those who regularly recite Sunderkand, all their sorrows get remove. For this reason, Sunderkand is remember for the success of Hanumanji. Sunderkand is the only chapter that deals with the victory of Hanuman, a devotee of Shri Ram. This is a lesson to boost confidence and willpower.

By reciting Sunderkand, a person gets mental strength, gets the confidence to complete any task. The worship of Hanumanji is consider to fulfill all the wishes. Bajrangbali is a deity who is very happy, many ways have been told in the scriptures to get his grace and one of these measures is to recite Sundarkand. Sunderkand is recite to please Hanumanji soon and happiness starts flowing in the life of the person doing this recitation.


Sunderkand: Praise of Hanuman ji

It is the praise of Shri Hanuman Ji. Before reciting Sunderkand, keep faith in your mind. That as Hanuman Ji has taken care of all the things of Shri Ram Ji, we will also get rid of all our troubles. Sunderkand consists of three verses, sixty couplets, and five hundred and twenty-six chaupais. Out of the sixty couplets, the first thirty couplets describe the qualities of Lord Rama in the form of Vishnu. The beautiful word has come in twenty-four quadruples in this case.

How to recite Sunderkand
Before reciting Sunderkand, devotees should take a bath and wear clean clothes.

  • Light a lamp by offering a garland on the photo or statue of Hanumanji and Shri Ram and offer good channa or laddus in the bhog.
  • Before starting the lesson, first of all, worship Shri Ganesha. Then worship your guru, and ancestors and then start the recitation of Sunderkand by worshipping Shri Ram.
  • Concentrate only on completing.
  • After the text is over, Shri Hanuman Aarti and Shri Ram ji should perform Aarti. And give Aarti and Prasad to those who participate in the lesson.
  • Before starting Sunderkand, definitely invoke Hanuman ji and Ram Chandra ji.
  • When the beautiful scandal is over, then by offering bhog to God, by doing aarti, also bid him farewell.
  • After the recitation, wrap the Sundarkand in a red cloth reverently and keep it at the place of worship.

Sunderkand is a chapter of Shri Ramcharit Manas compose by Tulsidas Ji. In which the success of Hanuman Ji has been describe. There are many ways to please Hanuman Ji. In which remembering him through Sunderkand recitation is consider to be the most effective. It is believe that those who do Sunderkand Path Vidhi with full devotion every Tuesday for 41 consecutive weeks. Their biggest works are prove and special blessings are receive from Hanuman Ji.

The person gets mental peace by reciting Sunderkand. Every type of negative energy starts getting away from the house. The confidence of such a person starts increasing. Sunderkand Path is a person who has amazing power in himself, the person who recites it regularly, he starts being able to cure the patient suffering from upper obstacles by the grace of Hanuman Ji. It is consider beneficial to recite Sundar Kand before starting any auspicious work.

Be it any type of crisis, whether it is related to an upper obstacle or related to an incurable disease, with regular use of Sundar Kand text, all the troubles start getting remove. Such a person gets happiness in all kinds of ways and is always happy. Family discord, freedom from disease, getting rid of negative energy, progress in business, everyone gets benefit by reciting Sunderkand.

Method of reciting Sunder Kand:-

It is consider auspicious to do Sunder Kand recitation every day on Tuesday, Saturday, or in the month of Shravan. It takes about 2 hours to complete the Sunder Kand Path, so one should sit quietly and recite Sunder Kand with full devotion. While reciting, keep meditation at the feet of Lord Shri Ram and Hanuman Ji. You can recite Sundar Kand in two ways:

1) Complete worship method: – In this method, before reciting Sunder Kand, all the gods are invoke. You can complete this method only through a knowledgeable pundit.

2.) Simple worship method: – This is a very simple method of reciting Sunder Kand, let us know in detail about this method:


The simple method to recite Sundar Kand:-

Establish a post in the east direction. Spread red cloth on the post. Now install Ram Darbar’s photo or Hanuman Ji’s photo on the post. Sit on the post by laying a seat in front of it. Keep the following ingredients with you: Water, incense, lamp, flowers, rice, sweet (prasad), roli, and Ram Charit Manas in a vessel. Now light a lamp of ghee first and apply incense etc. Now tilak all the gods in Ram Darbar’s photo. Do tilak on Ramcharitmanas. Offer Akshat. Offer flowers and offer sweets sprinkle water (Sunderkand Path Vidhi).

Now take some water in the right hand and take a resolution in this way: – Shri Vishnu – Shri Vishnu – Shri Vishnu, O Supreme Father, I (speak your name) gotra (speak your gotra) Sundar Kand for the accomplishment of your work. I am doing the work of reciting, grant me completeness in my work, saying so, leave the water on the ground below and say – Shri Vishnu – Shri Vishnu – Shri Vishnu.

Now you should first remember him through the praise mantra of Ganesh Ji. Then remember your Pitra Dev. Now you take the name of Lord Shri Ram thrice. After this, remember Hanuman Ji by chanting Hanuman Ji’s praise.

After doing this, now you can start the recitation of Sundar Kand. Sunder Kand’s recitation should be done in a medium tone with rhythmicity without inaccuracy. After completing the couplets in between, “Ram Siya Ram Siya Ram Jai Jai Ram” or Mangal Bhavan Amangal Hari, Dravhu Su Dashrath Ajir Bihari ||. In this way, more and more Lord Shri Ram should be remember from time to time. Pay attention, the more you take the name of Lord Shri Ram at the time of Sundarkand. The more benefit you will get. On completion of Sunderkand Path Vidhi, do Hanuman Chalisa and Aarti of Hanuman Ji and Ram Ji and take prasad and distribute the prasad among all.

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