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Seven-Faced Rudraksha Benefits, Mantra, Authenticity

Seven-Faced Rudraksha: Each zodiac sign receives energies that connect with the universe. Nature plays a unique role in connecting all energies. Rudraksha is a bead that helps regulate such energies associated with planetary movements. Human life is affected by all these energies. Each individual has a different horoscope based on their birth chart. Each zodiac sign has a ruling planet, as well as planetary movements, some zodiac signs can have certain benefits while some can turn out to be harmful and have a negative impact.

Astrologers thus suggest Rudraksha to many zodiac signs to balance the effect of planetary movements. According to Vedas, there are no 7 side effects of Mukhi Rudraksha. Even if an individual wears the wrong rudraksha beads, it will not cause any harm to the person as these rudrakshas act as capacitors and wearing the wrong bead will put him to sleep. Therefore, rudraksha is a potential cure for problems related to our mental and physical bodies.

Seven-Faced Rudraksha Benefits, Mantra, Authenticity| Astroeshop 7 mukhi rudraksha| Rudraksha|
7 faced rudraksha

Seven Faced Rudraksha

The Seven Mukhi Rudraksha is consider to be the most powerful Rudraksha according to Vedic mythology. The Seven-Faced Rudraksha or 7 Mukhi Rudraksha is a symbol of Anang Shiva as the bead helps to neutralize the negativity and suffering caused by Saturn or “Shani.” The Rudraksha is also associate with Goddess Mahalakshmi who is considering a Goddess. wealth, prosperity and wealth.

Goddess Lakshmi is seem seat on the petals of a pristine lotus flower, showering gold coins of prosperity as her blessing. One who wears the seven-faced Rudraksha benefits from all the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. Mythology says that if one successfully impresses Goddess Lakshmi with his good deeds, he is bless with all wealth. Not only this, one never faces any difficulties in life and all the struggles of life are eradicating. Many people opt for 7 Mukhi Rudraksha because of its benefits. It helps a person to free himself from all sins and debts. The 7 benefits faced by Rudraksha are well-known and very effective.

Benefits of Seven-Faced Rudraksha 

Vedic Astrology removes bad luck from one’s life which prevents any growth despite hard work and determination. Its main purpose is to remove past karmic sins that occurred as a result of drugs, adultery, theft, etc., and is likely to destroy the present. It helps you get rid of hurtful memories of the past and forces you to live in the present.

Saat Mukhi Rudraksha is wear by many powerful people like administrators, officers, speakers, kings and various ministers. The seven faces of the Rudrakshas also represent the meaning of the seven seas. Therefore, it is believe that the wearer of saat Mukhi rudraksha will be as powerful and dominant as the seven seas. 7 Mukhi Rudraksha helps one to be equally strong.

Seven-Faced Rudraksha Benefits, Mantra, Authenticity| Astroeshop 7 mukhi rudraksha| Rudraksha|
7 Faced Rudraksha

Significance of Seven-Faced Rudraksha

7 Benefits of Mukhi Rudraksha Vedic astrology is associate with the incarnation of the goddess of wealth and prosperity – Goddess Mahalakshmi. Adopting a saat Mukhi rudraksha is a way to improve finances and attract good fortune by increasing opportunities and harnessing bad fate and suffering, as this can only be achieve by worshipping Goddess Mahalakshmi. The 7 Mukhi Rudraksha is also related to the Manipura Chakra which symbolizes the seven energy channels or ‘Nadis which include – Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Navel Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra Crown Chakra. 7 Mukhi Rudraksha helps the wearer to overcome the problems and issues of these chakras regarding physical and mental health and helps in increasing the self-confidence of the individual.

Which is the 7th ruling planet of Mukhi Rudraksha

According to 7 Mukhi Rudraksha astrology, Venus is the ruling planet of seven Mukhi Rudraksha. The planet Venus symbolizes love, romance, beauty, money and recreational resources. Venus is the ruler of happiness and bonding in relationships (both business and personal) and is worship for growth in the respective fields. While according to Hindu mythology, Goddess Mahalakshmi bestows wealth and prosperity on her devotees. With the elegance of Venus accompany by Goddess Lakshmi, the saat Mukhi rudraksha wearer is bless with fame, abundance, happiness and harmony.

What are the 7 benefits of Mukhi Rudraksha Mala

  • 7 Mukhi Rudraksha helps in the growth of finances and removes all miseries. It is consider a gateway to happiness. Many people experience a change in their lives after wearing this powerful bead.
  • It opens the door to success for its wearer. One who wears it is bless with all success.
  • Protects the wearer from the poisons of negativity. Pessimism breaks a person from the inside and discourages him from working toward his goal. This powerful bead helps create a positive environment cancelling out all negativity.
  • It brings opportunities for growth in business, love and happiness. So those who seek happiness in all aspects opt for 7 Mukhi Rudraksha.
  • Seven Mukhi Rudraksha benefits the wearer to maintain harmony in relationships that are of utmost importance. The wearer experiences a special bond in all their relationships.
  • Improve your health by wearing 7-Faced Rudraksha
  • It helps in the treatment of lifelong respiratory problems such as asthma. Many people suffer from this respiratory problem and one can get health benefits from wearing 7 Mukhi Rudraksha.
  • 7 face Rudraksha is beneficial in strengthening the activity of the heart which is need for hours.
  • Calms the activity of the stomach, pancreas and liver. This will eliminate the digestive problem.
  • The benefits of Saat Mukhi Rudraksha in illness are permanent for the adrenal glands.
  • People who are facing persistent problems with functional disorders like indigestion and hyperacidity should wear 7 Mukhi Rudraksha to get its benefits.

Identification of Seven-Faced Rudraksha

The authentic seller of Rudraksha online in India is Astroeshop. Authenticity is the highest thing to check before buying 7 Mukhi Rudraksha online. The seller must also possess the necessary certifications for the originality of the rudraksha offered by him. The seven-faced rudraksha consists of seven lines that are joined from one end to the other without breaking, dividing the bead into seven faces. One should check all the lines properly before buying. If any line is cracked or broken, it means that the Rudraksha is not authentic.

The authenticity of rudraksha can be verified by a basic water test. Place the 7 Mukhi rudraksha in a glass of warm water and take it out after 2 hours. If the water turns the colour of the beads or if you see any germs or impurities in the water, the rudraksha is not genuine. If the water remains clear as before, the rudraksha is authentic.

Seven-Faced Rudraksha Benefits, Mantra, Authenticity| Astroeshop 7 mukhi rudraksha| Rudraksha|
7 Mukhi Rudraksha

Different types of Seven Faced Rudraksha

White Colored Seven-Faced Rudraksha

Wearing white rudraksha increases confidence and self-esteem. The wearer gains physical fitness and the rudraksha successfully eliminates all potential difficulties in his life. White colour has the power to build confidence in a person and people with professional vocals choose this white colour 7 Mukhi Rudraksha.

Red Color 7 Mukhi Rudraksha

It is say that the wearer of red rudraksha is bless with forgiveness of his past sins. The wearer of this colourful 7 Mukhi Rudraksha gets rid of all past sins and can start a happy life ahead.

Yellow Color 7 Mukhi Rudraksha

The wearer of yellow rudraksha is bless with a comfortable life full of peace, happiness and harmony. The colour yellow helps its wearer build a strong bond in their relationships.

Black Colored Seven-Faced Rudraksha

This 7 Mukhi Rudraksha is the most powerful of all. The wearer of the black rudraksha is say to be blessed with immense health benefits, spiritual benefits, wealth and success. A worshiper of black 7 Mukhi Rudraksha achieves a positive attitude and helps others out of their problems.

Energizing 7 Mukhi Rudraksha

  • A Rudraksha wearer needs to energize his beads by performing significant rituals.
  • To get the benefits of the seven-face rudraksha, the wearer has to wake up before dawn and take a bath before performing the Rudrabhishekam puja.
  • The rudraksha bead must be washed with Ganga Jal and kept on a copper plate with 9 peepal leaves.
  • The bead should then be smeared with sandalwood paste or ‘Chandan, which symbolizes purity, and fresh flowers should be offered.
  • During the puja, light the incense sticks and lamp diyas with pure ghee.
  • One should chant the mool mantra – “Om Hum Namah! Om MahaLakshmiye Namah 108 times before putting on seven Mukhi rudraksha beads.

Wearing 7 Mukhi Rudraksha

Best day 7 The day to wear Mukhi Rudraksha is Friday. Seven Rudraksha can be worn in red silk or woollen thread. It can be worn as a locket on a chain, or it can be closed in silver or gold as a bracelet. One should have faith in 7 Mukhi Rudraksha and wear it as suggested by astrologers.


The Seven-Faced Rudraksha is an extremely divine bead. The wearer of 7 Mukhi rudraksha not only achieves prosperity and abundance, but the bead also helps to revive the health of the pious and also successfully removes the stress and miseries of life.

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