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I have been studying astrology for the last seventeen years. There was a biology student in a
family full of science students, science and astrology in the house on the one hand, and friends
and circle of science and astrology on the other hand.
In the meantime, a small book of history was read. The author was EH Kar and the name of the
book was Historicism. Before the release of this book, there was no such word in the dictionary
of historians.

Astrology: Science or Superstition?

Kar used this word for the first time and also explained its meaning. What I understood is that
not every subject can be tested on the test of science. That is, to prove everything right, it is not
necessary to prove it as science.

How can it be that one subject becomes the investigator of all subjects? That too is a subject
that is still sitting incomplete in its subtlety. Heisenberg says that the position and momentum
of a particular substance cannot be known simultaneously, Darwin says that we are probably the
children of monkeys. Newton said the laws of motion are eternal and Einstein proved it to be

How astrology paved the way for predictive analytics | History of science |  The Guardian

The universe originated from the Big Bang or it was like this from the beginning, what happens
at a speed faster than light, what is a black hole, why there are no three or three free carbons in
the outer structure of diamond and if they are, then how they are inert it happens.
There are hundreds of questions that remain unanswered. Yet the science imposed by the West
is taken on the head and the knowledge acquired by our sages is let down. In my opinion, this is
nothing more than the mentality of slavery.

I am personally a fan of Baba Ramdev who teaches Yoga. The reason for this is not because
they charge fees to attend their yoga classes, but yet they have energized people with Sahaja
Yogasanas and simple Pranayama. Today the situation is that when a doctor is told that Baba
Ramdev has told the solution of this disease in this yoga, then the doctor runs to kill.
The effect of western education is that the doctor is not ready to believe that even breathing can
cure one. The life associated with breathing was rejected by the British and the Indians also
rejected it. Now foreigners do yoga and Indians see their photos in magazines with glaze

Relationship of Science and Astrology

Coming back to the topic, in the context of history itself, no fact of history can be put on the
criterion of experiment, observation, and result. The world as it is today was not ten years ago
and it was not the same a hundred years ago as it was ten years ago. So how will the experiment be done, on what will the observation be done, and on what criteria the results will be

I believe the same is true with astrology. Seeing the sequence of events along with the repetition
of the positions of the planets and zodiac signs in the past, the totals would have been formed
on the basis of its statistical data. Yogas were established by continuous effort over years,
decades, or centuries, and in today’s context, these yogas are used to peep into the future.
Now it is neither a matter of mathematics nor imagination to tell the way ahead from the
landmarks which are showing the way coming from behind. In such a situation, the
subconscious of the astrologer has to descend. As do the supercomputers of the meteorological
department. An attempt to explain the events that will happen in the coming days regarding the
geological activities that have happened so far.

Along with this, it is also a different challenge to understand the changes rapidly and mold them
in today’s context. Fifty years ago, an astrologer could say that whether a certain event has
happened or not, you will get the information within a week, whereas now mobile and internet
have made the flow of information so strong that there is a difference of only seconds between
the incident and the information. Is. Now see what a difference it made.

The biggest difference was the increase in the influence of Mercury. The second difference is
the effect of the rays coming on the person during the use of mobile and internet. Whether it will
be Mercury as Rahu or Saturn as Moon, it is yet to be decided. In such a situation, if an
astrologer gives almost correct predictions, then he and his subconscious should be thanked.

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