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Science of Five Elements and Impact of their Imbalance

Science of Five Elements and Impact of their Imbalance

According to Hinduism, our universe, earth, creatures, animals, and humans are all created from the eight elements. Earth, water, air, fire, sky, mind, intelligence, and ego are the eight elements of nature. The origin of all the above is due to the presence of Atma or Brahma. Out of these eight elements, five elements are very popular among us because our human body is made up of these five elements namely, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Sky.  After death, these elements merge in nature, ie the soils merge into the soil, the water merges into the water, the fire dissolves in the fire, then the sky element dissolves in the sky, similarly the air dissolves in the air.

According to destiny, the five elements can be arranged in the following order Earth-Water-Fire-Air-Sky. Now, let’s understand what these five elements are.

  • Earth Element: Earth represents the solid form and thus it gives several elements from which our body is made up of. The Earth element represents bones and muscles. Thus it can be said that the structure of our body is made up of earth elements.
  • Water Element: Water element means liquidity. All the fluids flowing in the body represents water element be it blood, water, enzymes, etc. Water is a source of transmission of energy, proteins, nutrients throughout the body. According to studies the human body contains about 70% water.
  • Fire Element: The Fire Element symbolizes energy, heat, and power. All the heat in our body is the element of fire. It keeps the body healthy by digesting food. It is only because of the fire element that our body can withstand extreme cold. It acts as fuel for the human body.
  • Air Element: All living beings have an air element in them. Air is a vital part of our body. We breathe oxygen as air which is essential for our life. If there is no air in our body, life is not possible.
  • Sky Element: Sky or space is endless just like our mind which has no boundaries. The sky is filled with endless energies just like our mind which has limitless powers. Mind also behaves like the sky, sometimes in the sky there are clouds, dust leads to unclear and foggy and sometimes it is clear, similarly sometimes our mind is happy, sometimes it is sad and sometimes it is confusing. All the elements i.e. earth, water, fire, and air are present in this element.

Healing For the Imbalance of Five Elements

All these five elements are there in the body of every living thing. However, the number of elements are present in different quantities on different peoples. If a person balances all the five elements, they can avoid many diseases and health-related problems. Whenever there is an imbalance of any element in a body it attracts diseases.

Now, let’s understand what happens if there is an imbalance of each element:

  • Imbalance of Earth Element: Earth element imbalance might manifest itself as obesity or gain in weight as well as by weight loss.
  • Imbalance of Water Element: Its imbalance affects blood and its component. It causes cold, asthma, blood thinning, blood clotting, etc.
  • Imbalance of Fire Element: Fire is a source of energy in the human body. Its imbalance can cause a loss of energy. When the fire element is more in our body it can cause many diseases which be balanced by the water element.
  • Imbalance of Air Element: Its imbalance can affect our lungs, nervous system. It may lead to ataxia, depression, deformities, etc.
  • Imbalance of Sky Element: Its Imbalance can lead to Thyroid disorders, throat problems, speech disorders, etc.

To balance the elements there is a relation between these five elements which control each other as follows:

  • Earth element controls Water element.
  • Water element controls Fire element.
  • Fire element controls Sky element.
  • Sky element controls Air element.
  • Air element controls the Earth element.

For example; the Fire element is more in the human body it can be balanced by increasing the value of the water element.

Thus for avoiding diseases and health problems one must balance all the five elements in their body. Which can be done with the help of Yoga. Various forms of yoga asana and pranayama help in balancing these elements.


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