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Sandalwood garland brings prosperity, know its benefits

Sandalwood garland brings prosperity know its benefits

In Hinduism, sandalwood is a major part of god worship. Sandalwood has been described as happiness, good luck, life and health. Sandalwood has many medicinal properties, so it is also included in worship. Sandalwood incense, sandalwood tilak, sandalwood perfume, sandalwood extract, sandalwood garland etc. are included in the worship. Here we are going to talk about only sandalwood garlands. It is said in the scriptures that chanting mantras done with sandalwood garland gives quick results.

Sandalwood garland

There are two types of sandalwood beads, white sandalwood and blood sandalwood. In common parlance it is known as white sandalwood and red sandalwood. These two have different importance. White sandalwood garland is used in worship and chanting of Lord Shri Ram, Vishnu, Krishna, Dattatreya etc., while red sandalwood garland is used for chanting the mantras of Shri Ganesh, Durga, Lakshmi, Tripura Sundari etc. Sandalwood garland is said to be the provider of happiness, peace and prosperity. By chanting the mantras of the deities with this garland, they become fruitful soon.

Sandalwood garland

There are other benefits of sandalwood beads as well.

For mental peace: Wearing a sandalwood garland around the neck gives mental peace. People whose life is hectic. Surrounded by many kinds of troubles and those who are not mentally stable, they should wear white sandalwood garland. This will calm their mind and they will be able to concentrate on their tasks. By wearing a white sandalwood garland, there is a flow of positive energy in the mind. Students must wear a white sandalwood garland. This will help them to focus on their studies. For money gain: Red sandalwood garland is used to increase economic prosperity. Chanting the mantras related to Maa Lakshmi with red sandalwood garland gives quick effect to the mantras. If one rosary of mantras of Mahalakshmi is chanted regularly, then money gets pulled like a magnet. Which day to wear: Thursday is the best day to wear sandalwood garland. On this day, after retiring from bathing in the morning. Spread a yellow cloth near the idol or picture of Lord Vishnu. Wash the sandalwood garland with Gangajal and place it on a yellow cloth. Worship with sandalwood and turmeric. Meditate on Lord Vishnu, offer yellow flowers and wear it.

Sandalwood garland

What precautions should be taken: According to the Tantra scriptures, it is necessary for the householders to follow some rules to wear the garland. Remove the garland while having sex. Going to the funeral procession, the garland should be removed even before attending the funeral. Afterwards, it should be purified and worn again. In the night before sleeping, the garland should be removed and kept in the place of worship. The purification ceremony of the rosary should be performed on every full moon day.

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